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The Best Literary Halloween Costumes of 2015

Halloween is the one night a year when it’s socially acceptable to dress up and pretend to be your favorite book character. These awesome social media users took full advantage of their opportunity.

Our Favorite Book-Related Instagram Accounts

When we’re not spending our time reading, perusing everything on the Internet from Facebook to Instagram seems to take over. If you, too, enjoy scrolling through pictures but want to see some geared more towards bookworms, give these Instagram accounts a follow!

20 Must-Read Books in 2016

New year, new books! With so many incredible books from both established and debut authors landing on shelves in 2016, we’ve narrowed it down to 20 must-reads.

10 Books That Scared Us As Children

It’s October, which means there’s a chill in the air - and down your spine, too. Halloween was never spookier than when we were kids, so take this October to revisit some of the books that kept you wide awake all night. They’re scary good reads.


The NYC Indie Bookstore Travel Guide

We've got crushes on cool little bookstores. We don't try to hide it: we love looking at 'em, visiting 'em at all hours, and most importantly, we aren't afraid to share 'em.

10 Movies You Didn't Realize Were Based on Books

Books have been the inspiration for great films for as long as movies have been around - after all, books were here first! But as movies have become a big business, we’ve left some of our appreciation for the great books behind.

8 Books About Gratitude to Read This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here, which means that’s it’s time to reflect on everything that we’re grateful for. To mark to occasion, we’ve put together this list of eight fantastic books about gratitude.

14 Book Adaptations Nominated for Oscars

Ah, awards season. It’s time to head to the movies and catch all the must-see films of the season! But before you do that, why not check out the books these great films are based on?

10 Great Books About Kids With Magical Abilities

In a fantasy story, anyone can be a hero. One of the great delights of fantasy literature is getting to watch an unlikely protagonist learn just how special they really are - and things are even more fun when the one chosen for greatness is a plucky kid.

Our 10 Favorite Iconic Literary Villains

Everyone loves cheering for the protagonist in a great novel, but what about the bad guys? Without them, there would be nothing for the hero to vanquish. We’re celebrating the under-appreciated baddies with this list of iconic literary villains.

8 Great Speeches From Beloved Authors

For the most part, we get our insights about authors in print. The writer presents a story or an opinion, support it with details or arguments, and leaves again when we close the book’s cover.