Your Mind Will Be Blown by These Game of Thrones Fan Theories

While we impatiently wait for George R.R. Martin to release Winds of Winter and season 7 to start, we have to speculate as to what is going to happen to our favorite and not-so-favorite characters. Here are 5 theories that could have the most dramatic effects on the series.

1. R + L = J

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This is a long-standing theory that was basically confirmed in the last season. The theory gives Jon Snow birthright to the throne through being the offspring of the Mad King’s son, Prince Rhaegar. Instead of Ned returning home from the war with his bastard, Jon is actually his sister, Lyanna’s son. According to the theory, when Ned goes to the Tower of Joy, Lyanna is on her deathbed and she hands her child, Jon, to Ned asking him to raise the boy as his own. Lyanna had been living with Prince Rhaegar for months after she leaves with him at the Tourney at Harrenhall. Ned’s love of honor makes the theory seem very plausible. 

2. Jamie will murder Cersei

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When Cersei was a child, she saw a witch who told her that her valinqor, which is Valyrian for little brother, will kill her. Either Jamie or Tyrion could fit this role, yet in a scene with Brienne, Jaime goes into why he felt he had to kill Aerys, which matches what Cersei is currently doing: murdering with wildfire. Jamie claims the Mad King had an obsession with tormenting people with the wildfire. He hated seeing Aerys burn people which led to him deciding to take Aerys’ life when he was about to send for more pyromancers. Decades later, we saw in the season six finale, Cersei showed a similar affliction as she kills all her enemies in King’s Landing with wildfire. One of her brothers is destined to kill the new queen. Will her wildfire massacre cause Jamie to turn on his twin sister and lover?

3. Tyrion is a Targaryen 

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Ever since the beginning of the show, everyone has hated the Lannisters, yet loved Tyrion. Maybe that’s because he isn’t a Lannister? There is not a grand amount of evidence for this theory, but there are some clues that could lead to Tyrion being part of the Dragon family. For example, in the books, Tyrion is described as having hair “so blonde it is almost white,” a Targaryen trait; when Tyrion is about to murder his father, Tywin tells him “You’re no son of mine,” and Tyrion seemed to have a naturally calming presence when around Dany’s dragons. Tyrion is already on team Targaryen with him helping Dany take back the throne, so a blood bond could only further their powerful relationship. 

4. Jon is the Prince that was promised

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Melisandre believes in a prophecy of the return of Azor Ahai, who will defeat the Others, which follows a lot of Jon’s character so far. The new Azor Ahai will be of dragon’s blood and born of smoke and salt. When Jon was reborn his wounds were shown smoking from his brothers’ tears hitting his body. To complete the famous sword Lightbringer, Ahai had to sacrifice his lover, Nissa Nissa, similar to Jon’s choosing the duty of the wall to his love of Ygritte which caused her demise. Melisandre initially thought this prince that was promised was Stannis but has changed focus to Jon ever since seeing only things that relate to Jon in her prophetic fires. Jon’s resurrection from death had to prove that he is of some prestige importance, right?

5. There is a dragon inside the wall

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Two decades before George R.R. Martin wrote the Song of Ice and Fire series, he wrote a novel titled The Ice Dragon, about a dragon that breathes ice instead of fire. Martin constantly drops hints that he may have incorporated this old story within the world of Game of Thrones inside the ancient wall. The wall has been around for centuries and Maester Aemon claims that the magic used to build it is similar to dragon magic. This theory is reinforced with Jon frequently saying how the cold from the wall is similar to the cold of an ice dragon: “The wind was blowing from the east along the Wall, cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan used to tell.” This dragon may also be crucial to complete the prophecy of the prince that was promised as “His is the song of ice and fire.” Daenerys can already control fire but Jon must bring the ice. 

Do you know of any others? 


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