What We Want To See In Season 2 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Season one of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ left us with major cliffhangers and our mouths wide open. However, finally season two is here; so let’s recap.

The moment we’ve all been waiting is finally here: season two of The Umbrella Academy is here! Honestly I haven’t been this excited since Number Five appeared from the portal. Whether you’re long-time fans of the show, or like me fairly new in this fandom, it’s safe to say season two will be epic. But before you log off social media to binge watch the new season, we have to discuss some major points. Season one left us with major questions, cliffhangers and explosive moments. So let’s speculate together, address our burning questions and then binge the whole season afterwards. Grab your strongest cup of coffee and let’s begin.

  1. Allison and Vanya
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    Perhaps one of my biggest questions going into season two is can Allison and Vanya’s relationship bounce back? No one said sisterhood was easy; but slicing your big sister’s throat is a little overboard (to say the least). We saw in the trailer that Allison recovers and is able to utilize her powers (thank the heavens). Hopefully in this season, Vanya will master her powers. There are wounds and mistrust on both sides, but these sisters will have to put that aside if they hope to actually stop the apocalypse this time.

  2. Ben!
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    If Ben isn’t one of your favorite characters, we didn’t watch the same show. How is it possible to love a character, that’s still a mystery? I hope season two dives deeper into Ben’s backstory including his unusual powers, how he died (gut feeling one of his siblings might be to blamed) and most importantly I hope he’ll become visible to the rest of the family. His amazing humor deserves to be shared with the rest of his family.

4. Klaus’ Prime

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While most are excited over Vanya’s powers, I on the other hand am excited for Klaus’ powers. Throughout the first season we’ve gotten teases of Klaus’ powers and gotten glimpses of how powerful he truly is. I still haven’t recovered from that scene with Klaus and his father. I hope this season we see Klaus master his powers and overcome his demons. So is his cult full? Asking for a friend.

We’ve speculated long enough my friends, enjoy season two of The Umbrella Academy! Or if you’re like me, enjoy your second watching of season two! Happy binge-watching!           

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