What We Want From Netflix’s ‘Narnia’ Series

Time to dust off your favorite wardrobe, because Netflix is adapting The Chronicles of Narnia into a series! Who would’ve thought that 2020 would be the year of nostalgia? It goes without saying in the world of fantasy and childhood classics, The Chronicles of Narnia is up there with titles like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, easily. Similar to the giants I mentioned, Narnia has magical creatures like centaurs, trolls and magical animals, but unlike the previous titles Narnia doesn’t have a complicated lore to scare away newcomers. Whether you’re a longtime lover of fantasy or someone who’s never even dabbled in it, you’re swept up in it’s magic. So a Netflix series to pick up where Disney left off is perfection. But, before you go looking for Mr. Tumnus, let’s discuss the 4 must-haves!

  1. It’s Prequel Time
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    Most people (including myself) were introduced to C.S. Lewis’ world by The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. However, Lewis wrote a prequel titled The Magician’s Nephew; it’s different from the rest of the series, but it lays the foundation for the biblical elements we see in Lewis’ work. I think it’s time The Magician’s Nephew shined besides, what’s cooler than a prequel?

  2. Picking Up the Mantle From the Mouse
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    So let’s address the talking lion in the room: Disney’s adaptation was great…for two movies. I think I speak for most when I say the Voyage of the Dawn Treader wasn’t the finale I had in mind, it was missing something. It would’ve been more fulfilling to end with The Last Battle. Hopefully with Netflix who aren’t afraid to push boundaries, paired with Coco director Matthew Aldrich, they’ll go to new heights and produce fresh ideas.

  3. Balance
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    Narnia is such a hit because of its balance. Yes, the fantasy element is very present, between castles, fauns, talking animals and grand battles; you’re completely transported to a different place! However, there’s a beautiful balance of simplicity; the films and books do enough while not doing too much. As mentioned earlier, what separates Narnia from the other pillars of fantasy is its simplicity, and it’s crucial that Netflix realizes this and maintains it. A huge benefit of doing a series is being able to dive deeper into the world of Narnia and explore Lewis’ lore more and more with each episode. However, let’s not get distracted with too much CGI or over-the-top battles; we’re not making a Game of Thrones remake.

  4. Stays True
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    Too often, when Hollywood remake classics, it’s just the same movie but with better CGI (insert your favorite remake title here). Narnia doesn’t need that treatment; if Netflix wants to breathe life into this classic they have to be creative and reimagine the iconic tale. This series needs to be something fresh and brand new to longtime fans of the Disney adaptation. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a familiar face too! If I could have a Mr. Tumnus or Aslan cameo, I’d be a happy camper!

    Will you be watching? I know I will! 

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