What to Read When It’s Winter, It’s Cold and Dark and You’re Just Done

Everything bad happens very quickly and it all happens around the beginning of winter. Maybe your grandpa died (he did), maybe your dog’s suddenly getting old (she is), maybe there’s a long line of romantic and professional and social disappointments at every corner of your life (there are).


But there’s no point in feeling sorry for yourself—that’s what every dad would say. It’s true, though. Bad things happen, and usually all at once. You can and will feel like doing nothing but laying in bed. Eventually, though, you’ll open the curtains and make some tea and take some ibuprofen for the headache you always have, but it’s okay to wallow a little before feeling better. Here’s what you can read when reading is the last thing you want to do.


1. Recipes for cocktails you don’t have the ingredients for.


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2. The “Personal life” section of Susan Sarandon’s Wikipedia page.


Susan Sarandon wiki

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3. The Sneetches.



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4. Old birthday cards from your parents.


Happy bday

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5. The half-written poem you tried writing once when you were fifteen.


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6. The lyrics to Coldplay’s “Fix You”


Coldplay's "Fix you"

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7. Descriptions of Seinfeld reruns.


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8. This article on electric eels as a power source for pacemakers.



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9. My friend of a friend’s political Facebook statuses.


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10. Batman comics.


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11. The “Promotions” folder on Gmail.



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Feature Photo by Kate on Unsplash