Top Picks: YA Novels To Start The Year Right

It’s that time of the week again, and this week we’re giving you some of the most recent releases in YA. We have a handful of great titles that will make great additions to your TBR list.



1. Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke Cohen


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Dangerous Alliance, follows Lady Victoria Aston, who is happy living in the world of her favorite Jane Austen novels and roaming around the fields of her home. Her older sister is married and secured the estate of their family, so Victoria has nothing to worry about. Or so she thought, now she must marry or her family will lose everything. She has no choice but to enter society, with the knowledge of Jane Austen novels as her guide, but unfortunately those novels aren’t enough to help her make up her mind. She has three suitors, Mr. Carmichael who may be a scoundrel, her best friend Tom Sherborne who may be out for her dowry or heart, and then there’s Mr. Silby, who is foppish and has unfortunate fashion sensibility. On top of these men, Victoria finds herself in these unfortunate situations that could cost her, her life.



2. Reverie by Ryan La Sala


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Reverie, follows Kane Montgomery who was found half dead in a river by police. All Kane knows is that he was found, he has no idea how he ended up in that river. Now, Kane’s whole life seems different, and not just his life but even his reality. His three so-called friends join him as he tries to piece together the clues that led up to that night. As they begin their journey, Kane and his friends are dragged into an unimaginable world, where things begin to transform, like the gym becomes a subterranean temple, and an old victorian house becomes a victorian romance rife with scandal and sorcery. Then, an evil force threatens to alter reality forever, and Kane and his friends have to do everything they can to stop it.




3. Hearts, Strings and Other Breakable Things by Jacqueline Firkins


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Hearts, Strings and Other Breakable Things, follows Edie Price, as she spends her last summer before college with her cousin in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Mansfield, is filled with wealthy families and prima donnas, and Edie’s cousin does their best to distract her from her mother’s death by giving her makeovers fit for a Disney princess, as well as lots of cute boys. As Edie tries to focus on school, two boys start vying for her attention, there’s Sebastian, her childhood friend and and first love, but he has a girlfriend. Then there’s Henry, who is a bad boy and a player, and he’s off limits. Edie finds herself stuck between these two, and she has to make sure she isn’t the one with the broken heart.



4. Watch Over Me by Mila Gray


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Watch Over Me, follows Zoey, a young girl that had to grow up quicker than she should have, taking care of her mother and younger sister. Being the protector against her violent father, she’s had to hold the family together and give up her hopes and dreams. Now, after everything Zoey did to keep her family together, her father is getting out of prison and he knows where they’re hiding and he’s coming for them. Zoey’s marine brothers’ best friend, Tristan, promises to protect Zoey and her family, and as Zoey begins to lean on Tristan for emotional support, their relationship starts to become powerful and heart pounding. Zoey can only hope they will be strong enough to protect her family against her father.



5. The Pretenders by Rebecca Hanover


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The Pretenders, the second and final novel in the Similars duology. Emma must now figure out who she really is and must decide between two boys. She is still dealing with what happened junior year at Darkwood, and now her best friend Oliver is not only alive but she’s in love with him and his similar, Levi, is still stranded on the island with his crazy creator. All while dealing with her boy issues, Emma has to confront the the truths she learned last year and and doesn’t want to share her secrets with anyone, which causes her to isolate her from everyone. Then, the Similars plot begins to evolve and Emma and her friends have to try and stop it before their plan destroys everything she loves.


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