Top Articles to Celebrate National Sex Day

Have you heard the news? It’s National Sex Day! That right: June 9th is a special day, according to Urban Dictionary. We’ve written a few articles about sex and sexuality- here’s a list we rounded up of our absolute favorites!


If you’re looking for a wonderfully written, steamy sex scene, we’ve got you covered with five of our favorite sex scenes.


We don’t always hear about author’s sex lives, but when we do, boy are we intrigued! Learn a bit about the sex lives of four famous authors here.


In this year’s weird news, a rise in sex accidents in London back in February was blamed on ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. Interesting…


If it’s snowing, raining, or beaming warm sunlight- these sexy novels will heat up your day (keep a cold glass of water near by)!


We can’t get over this interactive, 16th century erotica novel!


Sometimes, romance is hilarious. Just look at these romance novel covers


We hope you enjoyed these, and happy National Sex Day!