Top 10 Author Twitter Accounts

Writers can make us swoon, laugh, and cry in their full-length novels. They can do the same in 140 characters or less too. These are the best authors to follow on Twitter right now. 

1) J.K. Rowling

When Rowling isn’t writing some of the most popular fantasy novels of all-time, she’s tweeting about their film adaptations and taking on trolls.


2) Stephen King

King is the author of some of the greatest novels of the generation. He’s also the author of tweets that are political, promotional, and sometimes, downright cute.


3) Jodi Picoult

Picoult spends much of her time on Twitter responding to trolls and sticking up for those who she feels are discriminated against by the government.


4) Rick Riordan

The Percy Jackson author is a nerd just like the rest of us. When he isn’t promoting his own work or pushing self-deprecating humor, he’s linking to the latest news in the technology and sci-fi realms.


5) Joyce Carol Oates

Oates has a lot of things to say about politics, like most Twitter users. But she also likes to discuss other aspects of pop culture (like the film Get Out) and quote poetry.


6) Margaret Atwood

The author of The Handmaid’s Tale is a great follow on Twitter, simply because she seems to take a lot of joy and pride in responding to fans who reach out to her.


7) Judy Blume

Let’s be honest for a second: Judy Blume on Twitter is all of us.


8) Anne Rice

Like many of her fellow scribes, Rice appears to enjoy retweeting any and all political opinions she deems valuable while synthesizing their content quite effectively.


9) Megan Abbott

If Judy Blume is all of us, Abbott is the book lover in all of us. Who among us hasn’t run out of storage space for their mounds of books? And she’s an author!


10) Sloane Crosley

It’s anyone’s guess what Crosley is doing on Twitter, but if you follow the author, you’ll be sure to get a solid chuckle in at least once a day.


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