Things You’ll Definitely Relate To If You’re a Bookworm

There are some feelings and experiences that are intrinsically tied to being a bookworm. Some good, some bad, some that just are.

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There are some feelings and experiences that are intrinsically tied to being a bookworm. Some good, some bad, some that just are. Here are some of the ones we experience the most:

  • Going blank when people ask you what your favorite book is

“What’s your favorite book?” they asked innocently. 

Unless you have a hard set response to this question, it is almost impossible to answer. When someone asks you this, sometimes you can’t help but stare into the void for a couple of seconds trying to make a book title come out of your mouth. There are either too many books you can name and what you want to say instead is “favorite book I’ve read recently you mean? Or favorite book of all time? Perhaps you mean by genre!” or you simply cannot think of any book you’ve ever read.



  • spoiling yourself

The internet is the Pandora’s box of spoilers, and no matter how hard you try, it just falls open every time. You can just be peacefully scrolling through your social media feeds and then suddenly someone casually mentions a plot twist or a character death from a book you were reading. It’s even worse when you bring those spoilers on yourself. Ever googled a character to say, find their date of birth so you can make their astrology birth chart (no? anyone?), and then you see it: “Status: Deceased.” It hurts more because it was completely avoidable, yet here we are.


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  • being unable to stop your eyes from jumping to the end of a page

Related to the last point, but these spoilers happen WHILE READING. This tends to happen during particularly tense scenes in the novel when, in a moment of weakness, your eyes jump to the end of the page. And while some of the times this happens you can stop yourself from actually reading anything, some others you end up reading a crucial line. You only had a couple of paragraphs more to actually get to that line, but it still hurts.


  • skipping parts of a book and feeling guilty about it

Sometimes books are filled with unnecessarily long descriptive paragraphs. And because we are impatient (as seen in the previous point) we skim or straight up skips those paragraphs until we find some dialogue again. If you’re guilty of this, this is a judgment-free zone and I support you and your decisions. If you somehow read every single word of every book you read, you are a GOD and you have my utmost respect.



  • Spending more time thinking about reading than actually reading

For all the love we have for reading, we can actually spend more time thinking about it than actually doing it. There’s on that. Reading can be tiring at times and we just want to mindlessly scroll through our phones, watch a movie, or finally catch up with that TV show everyone is talking about. The good thing is that our books aren’t going anywhere and they will always be there for when we actually read for once.


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  • Getting overwhelmed by too many options

There are just too many damn books! Of course, this is a good thing because we love them; but when it comes to choosing what to read it is just overwhelming. This can either lead to you starting like five books at the same time or being so overwhelmed that you don’t pick one at all. If you can make a list of books to read and stick to it you may not have this problem, but if you’re a “mood reader” like me then you might see yourself in this situation often.

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  • Being jealous of the prettier editions of the books you already own

We already own the book, yes. But that other edition has a prettier cover, and that other one has an embossed design and sprayed edges. Prettier editions of the books we already own will forever haunt us. If it were up to us we would own all of them, but sometimes money has to go towards other, sadly more important, things like food and rent. Nevertheless, nothing will stop us from staring at those of other editions at the bookstore shelves or online.


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  • trying to control your facial expression while reading in public

If you are somewhat of an expressive reader, you know the struggle of trying to keep it cool while reading in public. Because there is nothing more embarrassing than being on the subway during your daily commute or sitting on a park bench while enjoying your book when a particularly intense scene is. Normally you would just gasp, cry, smile, or blush in the comfort of your own privacy, but you are in public and want to seem normal to other people so you try your hardest to maintain your poker face. Hope you are successful in this.



  • Adopting your favorite character’s mannerisms as your own

Ever noticed yourself thinking the way your favorite character would? Or maybe even saying  a sentence that sounds like something they would say. It only makes sense if you did because of all of the time you’ve spent with that character. It makes even more sense if they’re your favorite character because you already relate to them. Whatever the reason is, it’s just one of those things that happen. It makes reading more special.


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  • bringing books with you everywhere, even if you’re not going to read them

Knowing that there is a book in your bag that you can reach for at any moment is a good feeling. Even if we objectively know that we are not going to have time to read wherever it is we are going, having a book around is just comforting.


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