Things The ‘Percy Jackson’ TV Series Will Hopefully Do Better

After the infamous live-action movie adaptations, can the TV series avoid the mistakes of the past?

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In the ‘Percy Jackson’ fandom, the live action movies (‘The Lightning Thief’ & ‘Sea of Monsters’) are looked upon with scorn and derision, with the book’s author being especially peeved. Nearly every detail from the books were changed drastically, enraging the fandom, and cutting the series short after two movies. Now that there is a television series in the works at Disney+, fans are eager for wrongs to be righted. Here is the three major sins of the movies that will hopefully be rectified by the tv show.



1.The character ages

In ‘The Lightning Thief,’ the characters are all about 12 years old, cementing their vulnerability in a world that does its’ hardest to kill them, and as each book went on they got older. In the movie, they look like older teens, which ruins the main Great Prophecy storyline, in which a 16-year-old demigod would have to make the choice to save or destroy Olympus. Child actors are not easy to cast, but if Stranger Things could do it, then so could this.


2. Character appearances

The movies take a drastically different approach to setting up the main and future storylines, which meant that a lot of characters were introduced too early, too late, or not at all. Ares, Percy’s primary source of hostility, does not appear at all, and the Oracle, the one who sets up the main quest, doesn’t appear until the second movie. But perhaps the worst offense, is that the main antagonist, Kronos appears in the second movie, even though the book set him up to be the final boss in ‘The Last Olympian.’ No build up made for quite the anti-climatic battle, and put the final nail in the coffin of the movie series.


3. Annabeth’s hair color

The book clearly states she is blonde, but the first movie depicts her as a brunette. They fixed it in the second movie, but by then it was too late. Hair color is extremely easy to keep true, so this was especially egregious.

We don’t know what the tv series will have in store, but Rick Riordan has assured the fans that he will be involved in every aspect of the show. With luck, ‘Percy Jackson’ will get the live action adaptation it deserves.

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