Nice notes

These School Notes Are so Pretty They Could Win a Beauty Contest

Usually in class, you begin taking notes and then your pen slowly drifts to the margins and begins doodling some stick figures doing things. The notes sometimes don’t even get taken, but when they do, they don’t look nice. Most people probably aren’t rushing to their chemistry notebook to look at their lovely notes. The opposite, really.


But, if you think about it, beautiful notes make studying more enticing. They can only improve things for bored students. Note-taking becomes less a begrudging slog, and more of a thoughtful art. So let’s give it up for, and maybe envy, the best note-takers on the internet, courtesy of reddit’s r/PenmanshipPorn.


Health Notes

“My 13 year old friend’s health notes!” | Image Via reddit


Bio notes

Biochemistry notes. | Image Via reddit


Cursive notes

That cursive, though. | Image Via reddit



Chemistry, maybe? | Image Via reddit



These notes makes this person look like a genius at Anatomy. | Image Via reddit


Math notes

Math notes! | Image Via reddit



These chemists know a thing or two about notes. | Image via reddit



These chemistry notes were written by a fourteen-year-old. | Image Via reddit


Anatomy notes

Tempormandibular looks like such a nice word now. | Image Via reddit


Feature Image Via reddit