Michelangelo but w pencils

These Pencil Sculptures Are What We Should All Strive for

Pencil sculptures are without a doubt the artform of the future. Why? Because of Instagram. They are all over Instagram. For those not in the know, sculptors shave pencils down enough that they can sculpt the graphite into names, numbers, or characters. They’re astonishingly creative, even though they’re probably not practical. Chances are the graphite would snap off and when you go to write with it, it’d have that annoying double line. They’re still nice to look at anyway. Enjoy some of the nicest pencil sculptures out there.


1. Dire Wolf


dire wolf

Image Via reddit


2. My name



3. BB-8 and R2-D2



4. Battle of the gods



Salavat Vidai @salavat.fidai é um artista que faz microesculturas em pontas de lápis.

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5. Airplane



6. Happy New Year



7. Guitar 



8. Pi



9. Astronaut



Image Via Colossal 


10. The Eiffel Tower



Feature Image By Jasenko Đorđević Via Business Insider