Literary Valentine's Day Cards

These Literary Valentine’s Day Cards Will Warm Any Bookworm’s Heart

Ah yes, the only thing I love more than 75% off post-Valentine’s Day candy are the adorably funny cards that come with them. Gone are the days when you’d sit in your fourth grade classroom and everyone would hand out little pink cards with Scooby-Doo on them. I miss those days actually, but celebrating now is still pretty fun.
My friend and I have a long-running joke where we send each other at least five obnoxious Valentine’s Day e-cards each year. The cheesier and more inappropriate, the better. This year, if you’re going to spend money on something for your love (or hilarious best friend), you might as well buy something that they could hold onto for a while. Since flowers wither and chocolates can be inhaled within seconds, they need something tangible. And what better way to express yourself (and your humor) through words and images than with the help of legendary authors? Here are some seriously bitching literary Valentine’s Day cards all courtesy of Etsy:


1. The Charles Dickens Quote Card


Charles Dickens Card


2. The Book Check Out Card


Book Check Out Card


3. Beautiful Wuthering Heights Soulmate Card


'Wuthering Heights'


4. One Wilde Valentine Card


Oscar Wilde Card


5. Try This Mischief Managed Card


Harry Potter Card


6. A Beautiful Whitman Quote


Whitman Quotes


7. Here’s a Witty Sherlock Holmes Card


Sherlock Holmes


8. ‘I Love You More Than’ Valentine’s Day Card


Old Books Card


9. This Gollum Card Is Precious


Gollum card


10. Adorable Niffler Card and Picture 


Niffler Valentine


11. Something For Your Favorite Protagonist


Protagonist Card


12. For Your Risqué Daenerys Targaryen Valentine


'Game of Thrones' Card


12. ‘I Hodor You’


Hodor Card


13. Bewitched Mr. Darcy Quote Card


Mr. Darcy Quote


14. For Your Dumbledore Valentine


Dumbledore Valentine



Feature Image Via Diane Again