Rows of books in a library.

These Items Will Help Turn Your Room Into Your Personal Library

Nothing beats going to the library to smell the books, old and new, to see the countless spines, cracked and fresh, and the many faces of people soliciting the free internet from the library or perched on a table, reading.


…Nothing except maybe not leaving your house for all these things.


This is a “build your own library” kit, for those of us who can’ bother to be touched by the blinding light of the insufferable sun. 


Hold your friends accountable for the books they borrow from you with this Knock Knock Personal Library Kit for $11


Stamps and sleeves to catalog books like libraries used to.


Never wonder how long your copy of “The Great Gatsy” has gone missing, via Amazon


Make sure your friends know where to return the book with this Round Self Inking Stamp (From the Library of) for $18


Personalized stamp for your library.


via Amazon


Make sure your friends have a valuable experience, so leave these Complaint Sticky Notes to leave suggestions on for $4


A complain sticky pad.


via Amazon


And make sure to have a place where they can put those comments with this Mesh Wastebasket for $10


Garbage can for your friend's complaints.


via Amazon


Recreate Bell’s library scene with Modway Headway Wood Bookshelf in Brown complete with a ladder for $1,500


Bookshelf with a ladder


Image via Amazon


Take a load off AND store some books with this Bench for $60


Bench with lower shelf storage.


Image via Amazon