These Authors Only Wrote One Novel

Writing a novel is hard work. If the book becomes successful, it might be a lot of pressure to write another one just as good. Sometimes, tragedy gets in the way of a second novel.

We made a list of authors who only ever wrote one book and the reason why:


1) Sylvia Plath

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Book: The Bell Jar

Reason: Unfortunately, Plath committed suicide shortly after the publication of The Bell Jar. 


2) Emily Brontë

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Book: Wuthering Heights 

Reason: A year after the publication, Brontë died of tuberculosis. 


3) Margaret Mitchell

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Book: Gone with the Wind

Reason: Mitchell didn’t like the fame that came from her first book and passed away after being hit by a car a decade after the book was published. 


4) J.D. Salinger 

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Book: The Catcher in the Rye

Reason: Apparently, the success of this novel drove Salinger to become a recluse. He never wrote another novel, but he did publish some short stories. 


5) Ralph Ellison

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Book: Invisible Man

Reason: Ellison had written another novel, but a fire at his home destroyed the manuscript. 


6) Arundhati Roy

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Book: The God of Small Things

Reason: The Booker Prize winner has not written another novel since The God of Small Things and its been over a decade. It’s been noted that she was working on a second novel, but nothing yet!


7) Anna Sewell

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Book: Black Beauty

Reason: Sewell died 5 months after publication 


8) Oscar Wilde

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Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray 

Reason: Wilde was a very successful playwright and only ever wrote the one novel. Dorian Gray was considered very racy for his era and Wilde died in 1900. 


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