Patterson, Rowling and King

These Authors Make Bank!

Forbes has just released its list of highest paid authors for the years 2017. Here they are below: 


11. Rick Riordan (The ‘Percy Jackson’ Series)

Earnings:  $11 million


Rick Riordan

Image courtesy of Riordan Wiki


10. Danielle Steel (‘The Duchess’)

Earnings: $11 million 


Danielle Steel

Image courtesy of Danielle Steel


9. E. L. James (‘Fifty Shades of Grey’) 

Earnings: $11.5 million


E.L. James

Image courtesy of Self-Publishing Review


8. Paula Hawkins (‘The Girl On the Train’)

Earnings: $13 million 


Paula Hawkins

Image courtesy of The Times


7. Nora Roberts (‘Come Sundown’)

Earnings: $14 million


Nora Roberts

Image courtesy of Bacon Free Library


6. John Grisham (‘The Firm’)

Earnings: $14 million


John Grisham

Image courtesy of TheRichest


5. Stephen King (‘The Dark Tower’ Series)

Earnings : $15 million 


Stephen King

Image courtesy of CodePen


4. Dan Brown (‘The Da Vinci Code’)

Earnings: $20 million


Dan Brown

Image courtesy of Famous Authors


3. Jeff Kinney (‘Diary of A Whimpy Kid’) 

Earnings: $21 million


Jeff Kinney

Image courtesy of Jeff Kinney


2. James Patterson (‘Along Came A Spider’)

Earnings: $87 million


James Patterson

Image courtesy of Los Angeles Times


1. J.K. Rowling (The ‘Harry Potter’ Series)

Earnings: $95 million 


J.K. Rowling

Image courtesy of Business Insider



Featured image courtesy of Daily News Gig.