Man reading a book on a bench in a field

These Are the Most Serene Spots to Read on National Relaxation Day

Another National Relaxation Day has arrived. Work got the best of you? Make sure you find the time to de-stress with a book in hand someplace nice.


But finding the perfect spot could be trouble. No worries. We have your back. Take a gander at some of the chillest spots to relax with a good book.


5. Orfield Laboratories Anechoic Chamber, Minneapolis


Anechoic chamber

via Star Tribune


If you’re looking for a quiet spot to get some reading done, then book your flight to Minneapolis. Orfield Laboratories won the Guinness World Record for quietest place on Earth for this anechoic (echo-free) chamber. But careful what you wish for, because most people can’t stay for more than 20 minutes before the utter noiselessness gets to them. 


4. The Hoh Rainforest, Washington



via Seven Wonders of Washington State


Many people probably don’t know there’s a rainforest in Washington state. But there is, and it’s credited as the quietest natural place in the U.S. So find a nice tree to lounge under, and get some good reading done.


3. The Makgadikgadi Pan, Botswana


Makgadikgadi Pan

via ProdAfrica


Here’s another one of the quietest places in the world. Makgadikgadi has two major perks over the other quietest spots. First, it likely won’t drive you insane after 20 minutes. Second, it’s not a rainforest so it won’t be so humid. Expect a dry heat, though, since it is Botswana.


2. The Royal Library of Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen Library

via Telemachus Unedited


This is a particularly pretty library. It has a lovely atrium that lets loads of natural light in, and even has an auditorium so you can catch a beautiful classical music performance after you’ve finished up your book.


1. A bed


Bed with book

via Pinterest


This list could end in only one way. It’s the best place to sleep (obviously), but it’s also the best place to ignite our imaginations. Tune the world out, recline on that surface which feels most comfy, and let your head go. It’s National Relaxation Day. Relax.


Feature image by Ben White on Unsplash.