'Frankenstein' Depictions

These 5 Takes on ‘Frankenstein’ Will Have You Doing the Monster Mash

I don’t care what you say, nothing beats a classic monster movie. From the classic blood-sucking Dracula to The Wolf Man to the eerie Night of the Living Dead, these are the ones you can’t beat. Of course, let’s not forget the large and loveable Frankenstein. Mary Shelley’s monster of a novel has just hit its 200 year anniversary and since then it’s been depicted several times so, of course, we have faves.


All these adaptations have piled up over the years. From the black-and-whites to the modern day depictions, there are many to go around if you can’t find one you love (which is sort of impossible). However, if you need a little help, here are five of the best Frankenstein depictions in film.


1. Boris Karloff, Frankenstein (1931) 


Boris Karloff

 Image Via SFGate


2. Elsa Lanchester, Bride of Frankenstein (1935) 


Elsa Lanchester

 Image Via Horror Film Wiki-Fandom

3. Peter Boyle, Young Frankenstein (1974) 


Peter Boyle

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4. Frank Weller/ Tim Burton, Frankenweenie (2012) 


Frank Weller/ Tim Burton

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5. Peter Hinwood, Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) 


Peter Hinwood

 Image Via Wetpaint

Bonus: Frankendoodle, Spongebob (2002)



Image Via Encyclopedia SpongeBobia-Fandom


Feature Image Via New York Post