Book Recommendations

These 5 Sites Contain Your New Favorite Books!

Here’s a classic bookworm dilemma: you’re getting deep into the book (or books) you’ve been reading for the past couple of weeks, then you’re finally done.


But you’ve been so emotionally attached and wrapped up in the characters’ lives that you haven’t thought of any new books to begin! Where do you go to get a recommendation fast?


We’ve got you covered with five awesome book recommendation sites!


1. What Should I Read Next?


What Should I read Next?

Image Via What Should I Read Next?


We’re going to start with what feels like an obvious one. On What Should I Read Next? you can register for free and build your very own book list. When you want more suggestions, all you have to do is type in the name of a book you know and love, then the site will pull up a list of popular books among other readers. It takes an avid reader to know one, right?


2. LibraryThing



Image Via LibraryThing


This recommendation site is like book heaven. LibraryThing does so much more than recommendations. You can chat with over two million other readers, and catalog music, movies, and books! You can even catalog your books from Amazon and 2,000 other libraries. Think that’s it? Nope. You can browse over 2,000 new book releases every month. If you want the premium package, it’s ten bucks, but even the free version gets you everything you need and more.


3. Goodreads



Image Via The Wise Ink Blog


This is a crowd favorite! Goodreads gives you an array of all the books you could ever want! Type in what you’re looking for, look for specific genres, get books on sale, and even search the “best of”. Goodreads connects you to your circle of friends in addition to a vast online book community. Being able to hear reviews from fellow readers will help you narrow down your choices, or make it more difficult to choose. That depends. Follow a book club or search the day away.


4. Litsy




Litsy looks beyond cool, especially for app-lovers. Can you picture a book recommendation page meshing with Instagram? Well, that’s Litsy. Share quotes, visuals, and reviews with the authors, readers, publishers, and more! Download the app and check out the cover of your book plus reviews and blurbs of those who have already read it. Simple and fun. Sign us up.


5. Rifflebooks



Image Via From Left To Write


This site is all about that personal touch. Their main belief is that people make good recommendations, not machines! They’ve created their own little nook in the internet to give members lists, reviews, deals, and chats with those who help run the site. If you want a site that cares and will make your book search a friendly one, try this site and meet your fellow book-lovers!


Knowing where to go on the internet is always convenient and opens up a cyber world of possibilities! Though we still always recommend going to your local library or a close friend, the recommended page on your Amazon account could do wonders! Either way, search up a storm and get your hands on a new read.


Feature Image Via The Odyssey Online