Pottery Barn Harry Potter

These 10 Harry Potter Furnishings Will Make You Believe in Magic

If you’re a Harry Potter super fan, this is for you. If you want to live in the wizarding world, this is for you. If you can whistle the Harry Potter theme tune, well, that’s impressive. Pretty much if you love Harry Potter with a passion, then you’ll love this, okay?! Your bedroom is a personal space and you want it to reflect who you are and what you love. So I’ve got all you magic folk covered.


My sister recently purchased one of the below items and it finally came in the mail this week! I had no idea it was part of a magical collection by Pottery Barn designed with Harry Potter in mind! Below is a list of their Potter-themed room décor that will charm you, spell you, and make you wish you could cast spells on everyone. The good kind of spells of course, right? That’s up to you. But these decorating goodies will surely make you feel like less of a muggle.


1. Wicked Designed Bedset


Harry Potter Bedset

Luxurious and comfy…Nice. | Image Via PBteen



2. Flying Key Hooks


Flying Keys

These are lovely in a stationary position. | Image Via PBteen


3. Hedwig Night Table Lamp


Owl Lamp

If I can’t have a real owl…this should do. | Image Via PBteen


4. Mischievous Pillow


Harry Potter Pillow

Is that glowing? | Image Via PBteen


5. The Mirror of Erised reveals all…


Magic Mirror

That is simply beautiful | Image Via Entertainment Weekly



6. Snitch Alarm Clock


Snitch Alarm Clock

I’d hit snooze just to stare at it some more. | Image Via Entertainment Weekly


7. Owl Cage-Turned Jewelry Holder


Jewlery Holder

So gold, so nice. | Image Via PBteen


8. Acceptance Letter Wall Mailbox


Harry Potter Mailbox

No post on Sundays… | Image Via Pottery Barn


9. A Deathly Hollows Pillow!


Deathly Hollows Pillow

I won’t lay on it, I’ll only look at it. | Image Via Entertainment Weekly


10. Charming Laptop Rest and Storage


Harry Pottery

House crests? I’m available. | Image Via PBteen


If that doesn’t put you in the wizarding mood, nothing will! This line from Pottery Barn is so beautiful, well made, and just everything you could dream of for your own personal room and space. Check out more on their site and the stunning collection. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to steal my sister’s flying key holders.


Feature Image Via PopSugar