The Top 5 Most Dastardly 'Shazam!' Villains

Shazam! arrives in just two days, and we couldn’t be more excited based on the positive buzz its getting. But although Shazam! is known to the comic book fandom, he’s more obscure to general audiences. So who are some of the villains of Billy Batson’s rogues gallery, and, more importantly, who are the best? Let’s take a look at the top 5 best Shazam villains, with the hope these guys get their due onscreen!
The monstrous caveman King Kill rampages through a city

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5. King Kull

King Kull was a brutish caveman who ruled the race known as the Submen, a race that lorded over humanity until they were overthrown in a revolt, back in prehistoric times. King Kull survives in suspended animation, awakening in modern times to attempt to become ruler once more. He fights with Shazam multiple times, always a massive threat due to his immense strength, size, and strange technology that he brings with him into the modern era. Sometimes, he’s enough of the threat that even the Justice League of America must intervene to help bring Shazam down. He’s also usually a member of the Monster Society of Evil, Shazam’s united rogues gallery.
The demon Sabbac, surrounded by flames, candles, and swords with a pentagram carved into his chest

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4. Sabbac

Real name Timothy Karnes, Karnes was granted power by the demonic forces of Hell in order to challenge Shazam and become his dark opposite. Drawing his power from Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis, Karnes just needs to say the magic word ‘Sabbac’ and he transforms into a hulking demon with super speed, strength, fire breath, and pyrokinesis. Sabbac battles Shazam multiple times throughout his career, always on even footing with his rival riiiiight up until the point in which he’s defeated each time. Finally, the demons grow fed up with his failures and strip him of his powers one by one, letting Karnes be defeated for good. A new, more feral version has appeared in the modern age with the alter-ego of Ishmael Gregor.
The worm Mr. Mind hides inside a space capsule, threatening a potential victim

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3. Mr. Mind

One of Shazam’s arch enemies, Mr. Mind is a tiny alien worm from the planet Venus with extremely high intelligence. He is notably the first villain to bring together other villains who had been defeated previously, uniting them as the Monster Society of Evil. Mr. Mind’s strength lies in his intelligence, able to use the assembled super villains to run Shazam ragged and nearly defeat him on multiple occasions. Mr. Mind can use mind control to force others into working for him (along with other generally ominous assertions of psychic power). His most significant role in recent memory was the primary villain of 52, in which he was revealed to be behind all the events of the series in a dastardly bid to literally eat time itself.
Dr. Sivana basks in the glow of a flaming inferno, which is reflected in his glasses

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2. Dr. Sivana

Sivana is considered Shazam’s golden age nemesis and a primary arch foe for the hero. He deduces Shazam’s identity early on in his career, giving him a unique relationship to the hero as he can strike at him when he’s most vulnerable. A genius mad scientist, he operates from the planet Venus with own family of children. In his exile, he turned against the world and plots for world domination. Of course, he is frequently stopped by Shazam, cofounding him to no end. In the modern era, Sivana was reinvented as a scientist who became corrupted by dark magic, turning him into a madman with the body of a withered old man. He will make his big screen debut in the movie, played by Mark Strong.
Black Adam sits on a throne as a king

1. Black Adam

Black Adam is Shazam’s modern archenemy, standing head and shoulders above the rest of his rogues gallery for his sheer power. The first man to be given the powers of Shazam, Black Adam went mad with power and was stripped of his abilities, lying dormant until the modern day, during which his ancestor was granted his powers. Black Adam possesses powers drawn from the Egyptians gods (Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen). Black Adam eventually somewhat reforms, dismissing his prior evil as corruption and takes over a city state in Egypt, marrying a woman called Isis. But his new family is eventually killed, and Black Adam swears vengeance on the world… which leads to a battle with Shazam once again in a war that spans the globe before being stripped of his powers after Shazam forcibly changes the magic word that grants him his abilities.
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