The Thrillers to Start 2020 With

As we make headway into the new year, it is time to spice up the shelves with new thrillers of 2020. Each one with its own taste of mystery, scandal and bloodthirsty crime. These five crime novels will have you turning the pages into a new world.


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  1. The New Husband

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Nina Garrity thought she knew her husband, Glen. She soon finds out that the man she knew and loved, was leading a double life with another woman. But Glen has disappeared, and she has no way of finding out the truth behind his affair or anything else that he may have neglected to mention. After going a year and a half without any sign of him, Nina calls herself a widow. Caught by sudden feelings for Simon Fitch, a teacher at her daughters’ middle school, Nina finds herself in a predicament that she can not shake. She’s in love. But something is not right. The lies Nina uncovers only leads to misery and the destruction of her family.



  1. Eight Perfect Murders

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Malcolm Kershaw, a bookseller, and mystery aficionado has put together a list of the most unsolvable murders, those that are impossible to crack. Calling them the Eight Perfect Murders. Mal is surprised one day when an FBI agent knocks on his door looking for information about a series of unsolved murders that match his list. Little did Mal know that the killer was constantly watching his every move, waiting to be revealed.


  1. Before Familiar Woods

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Ruth Fenn’s son was blamed for the deaths of boys and the disappearance of their fathers. For three years, Ruth has been forced to accept that her lot is a pariah. Focusing on her sick mother and the children left in her care by struggling single parents. When her husband unexpectedly passes, she is left with, as the blurb states, “no choice but to overcome the darkness or be consumed by it.” As the truth vastly approaches, she digs up secrets that would have been better off buried.



  1. The Better Liar

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Leslie’s sister,Robin, is dead. If Leslie would have been there earlier, she would have been able to rekindle the relationship they should have had. After Robin ran away from home as a teenager, Leslie was forced to stay home and take care of their sick father, while also creating a family of her own. Now that their father is dead, Leslie had hoped to see her sister so that they could both receive the inheritance that their father left. With Robin dead, Leslie is unable to gain her half of the money, and she needs it more than anyone would know. Leslie will do anything to get what she wants, no matter the costs.


  1. No Bad Deed: A Novel

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While driving home on a rainy night, Cassie Larkin sees a man and a woman fighting on the side of the road. Without thinking too much about it, Cassie calls 911 and makes her way out of her minivan to save the woman. She chases after the violent man but is met with a decision she did not expect to make. Cassie must choose to leave the woman to die, or she will be forced to take her place.



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