The Perfect Holiday Book List

From Our Friends at BookSparks

As the year is coming to an end and the Holidays are quickly approaching, you may be feeling a little pressure to find the perfect gift for the person in your life that “has everything.” Whether they are a romance lover, investigation junkie or just enjoy a happy ending, this list has everything you need! So go ahead, snag one of these outstanding reads, pair it with a cozy blanket, their favorite snack and a cute coffee mug. Just like that, you have just created the perfect weekend binge reading kit! 

The Mad Woman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell


Samantha Whipple is the last known descendant of the Brontë family. After her father’s death, she became the heir of a famous, long-rumored fortune of diaries, paintings, letters and early novel drafts. Although the fortune has never been revealed to anyone outside of the family, it has been the topic of discussion for Brontë scholars and fans for years. When Samantha enrolls at Oxford University, long last objects from her past begin resurfacing, sending her on a scavenger hunt that will change her life.


Hindsight by Mindy Tarquini


Meet Eugenia Panisporchi – the woman who remembers all of her past lives. Eugenia is desperate to change her future. However, in order to live the life she’s always dreamed of, she must face her current shortcomings to break cycle. A unique and innovative reminder to enjoy life like it’s the only one you’ll have. Give this to the “New Year Resolution” goal setter in your life!


Magic Flute by Patricia Minger


Magic Flute is the perfect gift for the music lover in your life! Before Liz Morgan can achieve world-class recognition as a flutist, an accident puts an end to her dream. Desperate to achieve fame and fulfill her mother’s legacy, she pursues a new career as a singer. As Liz works to perfect her voice, she struggles between the seduction of fame and the consistency of normal life. Magic Flute is a beautifully constructed inside-look at the world of grand opera, and the passion that accompanies the power of art.


Size Matters by Cathryn Novak


John Frederick lives to eat. He lives a luscious, yet secluded lifestyle, with his house manager and circus of personal chefs. Lexie Alexander has just received the once again vacant position as Frederick’s personal chef. As the two begin to bond over their love of food, musical comedies and tea, a tragedy strikes that could destroy everything. This thought-provoking, intellectual novel examines how individuals react when their familiar coping mechanisms are completely shattered.


Doubt by C.E. Tobisman


We all have that one friend who thinks their life calling is to be a personal investigator. Help distract them from their snooping by giving them Doubt to indulge in! Caroline Auden scores a job at LA’s hottest law firm. Instead of keeping her head down and reporting up the ladder, Caroline quickly finds herself uncovering a link between the billion-dollar company and thousands of deaths. Now she’s in a race to find legitimate proof before they come after her.


Say Goodbye for Now by Catherine Ryan Hyde


Say Goodbye for Now is the emotional tale of love, friendship, animals, and overcoming societal differences. Dr. Lucy lives on an isolated Texas ranch and spends her days caring for abandoned animals. Calvin and Justin, an African American father-son duo, are outcasts in the town. When Justin and Pete, a neglected twelve-year-old boy, bring an abandoned wolf to Lucy, they find themselves in a deeply connected friendship. However, the town doesn’t approve of them being friends and violently turns against them. As the friends go their separate ways, hope is their greatest connection through the years.


The Ramblers by Aidan Donnelley Rowley


Deemed as a love letter to magical New York City, The Ramblers is a novel of fate, self-discovery, friendship and love. Clio Marsh, Smith Anderson, and Tate Pennington are three lost souls rambling through New York City, learning to overcome heartbreak and past mistakes. With the help from one another and their deeply connected friendship, the ramblers begin to let go of their broken and tragic pasts and accept the uncertainty and promise that the future holds. 


Evelyn, After by Victoria Helen Stone


Evelyn Tester’s normal suburban life is turned completely upside down when she receives a call that her prestigious psychiatrist husband was in an accident- and he wasn’t alone. She learns her husband had a secret lover, Juliette, who has a picture-perfect life. Evelyn discovers more about the affair; her mission for revenge drastically increases. As her obsession grows and she plummets down a tunnel of rage, the uncertainty of what will still be standing, when her flames burn out, is withering away.


A City of Strangers by Louise Millar


A City of Strangers is a thrilling holiday read that you won’t be able to put down! When newspaper reporter Grace and her childhood sweetheart Mac arrive return home after their honeymoon, they are shocked to see a dead body in their apartment. The police are unable to identify the man and presume that he died of natural causes. Several months later, Grace receives a note that says, “That man was Lucian Grabole.” Determined to get the story and crack the case, Grace finds herself trekking through Europe, talking to strangers and compiling clues. Little does she know, all the answers she’s searching for are back in her apartment.


The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse


Freya Braithwaite is fortunate. She has a beautiful marriage, two thoughtful and confident teenage daughters and a home that is filled with love, support and laughter. When her daughter Lexi’s struggle with weight devours her life, the once picture-perfect life that Freya took for granted is turned upside down. The family’s understanding, unity and love for one another is put to the test as they struggle through life’s darkest moments.


The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen


After being driven off the force, former homicide detective, Nicole Foster, has hit rock bottom. Despite all of her personal problems, there is only one thing on her mind: three-year-old murder victim, Kelsey Chase. She’s completely obsessed with the case and Kelsey’s father knows that Nicole is his only hope at finding justice for his daughter. As Nicole reexamines the facts of Kelsey’s disinterested mother, a suicidal pedophile and the long trail of unanswered questions, she realizes there is more evil and darkness involved in the case than she initially expected.