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Iconic Friends In Literature To Celebrate Best Friends Day

Today is an important day fellow bookworms, it’s National Best Friends Day! Since we’re currently living in a world where we’re bound to our homes or forced to be six feet apart, we can’t hang out with our bffs right now. However, we can look at some of the most iconic friend groups from book culture to lift our spirits! Besides books were technically our first friends, so it’s like we’re revisiting old friends from school (kinda sorta). Whether you’re looking at this list alone, or sharing it with your best friend, I hope you like it!

1. Harry, Hermione, and Ron (obviously)


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You really should’ve seen this coming from a mile away; a Best Friends Day list without these three? I’m no muggle now. These three are the epitome of a best friends group people! I remember watching Sorcerer’s Stone on VHS and immediately wishing I went to Hogwarts (like 90% of the population) but not for the blatantly obvious reason. I wanted to hang out with Hermione in the library, eat my weight in food with Ron, and go on adventures with Harry. Like most kids in the 90’s I felt like I know these three kids because ultimately we grew up together. I couldn’t have asked for a better one-sided relationship.



2. Lucy and Mr. Tumnus


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I promised you best friends and so far I’m crushing it guys, if I say so myself. It doesn’t get anymore wholesome Lucy and Mr. Tumnus does it? They protected each other and cared for each other; they were basically bffs since the very start. When Lucy found Tumnus’ frozen body at the Witch’s lair, I wept with her (don’t judge me). I’m just waiting for a stand alone novel filled with their adventures (crosses fingers).

3. Avengers


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As a comic book lover, this list wouldn’t be complete without Earth’s mightiest heroes! The banter and sarcasm they give each other is not only funny, but is a great depiction of many friendships. Even when they fall out with one another, that’s also extremely relatable. The Avengers remind us that friendship is continuously a work in progress and if done right, your friends can become your family. Cue the shawarma!


4. Charlie, Patrick, and Sam


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The Perks of Being a Wallflower was filled many life lessons, but the one that kept recurring was the power of friendship. We see how friends can provide a sense of emotional support and mental stability for someone who really needs it. Charlie was lost before he met Patrick and Sam, but after joining their group he not only found his voice, but he found his way.



5. Sabrina, Harvey, Ros–Sabrina and her entire entourage!


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One of the many things I love about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is her friends. She starts off the show in between two worlds and gradually over the seasons she gains support from both her human and witch peers. They might not always get along (hey what friends do?), but when it’s important they’re there for each other.

Whether it’s taking down annoying jocks or the Devil, they have Sabrina’s back!


6. Team Avatar (Duh!)


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If you didn’t put Team Avatar on your list, I’m sorry we can’t be friends! I couldn’t think of a more perfect group to finish this list! I mean they did restore balance to the four nations. I love many things about these characters, but what tops the list is their relatability. We all have a goofy friend like Aang, a sarcastic friend like Sokka, a kind friend like Katara, a friend who’s blunt like Toph, and one who struggles a lot like Zuko. For thousands of kids (and adults too!) these characters showed us a friendship that honestly we wish we had. Team Avatar is timeless because they tap into something pure in all of us. So yip yip!



On every day, but especially National Best Friends Day, let’s remind our best friends how much they’re appreciated. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my best friends Laura and Devita; thanks guys for listening to me fangirl over all these fandoms over the years (you girls are the real MVPs). Happy reading and Happy Best Friends Day!

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