The Best Summer Reading Spots According to the Bookstr Team

With it being the beginning of summer for many people, the Bookstr team is sharing their favorite places to read during the summer!

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Someone reading a book.

As someone who feels like the amount of reading they do is dependent on the season, I’d say I definitely read more books in the summer. Compared to the cold, gloomy winter that makes me feel tired and sleepy, the summer weather and sun only motivate me to read more for some reason. Personally, my favorite place to read during the summer is while I’m tanning in the sun or sitting lakeside.

Below are some of the Bookstr team’s favorite places to read during the summer. Enjoy reading!

1. Enjoying a Body of Water

Beach with bucket, beach ball and floaty.

I absolutely love the beach and the pool. Cafes are fun, too, but there’s nothing in the world that puts my soul at peace like the water. The water always felt healing, both internally and externally, and combine that with a book? It’s the ultimate recipe to escape reality.

— Talia Wall, Graphics

2. Going for a Nice Hike

Dog running on hiking trail.

I love taking my dog on a hike or walk somewhere quiet, bringing water (or an adult beverage) and snacks, posting up on a bench somewhere, and tearing through a great book. Taking my dog with me makes me feel like a successful pet parent, and being out in nature relieves me of any household chores that would distract me from my reading. It’s a win-win.

— Oona Quinn, Outreach

3. Relaxing by the Pool

Chair, BBQ, and pool with a floaty in it.

On days when the sun is inescapable and inviting in equal measure, I turn to the pool as my preferred reading spot. Summer has never been my favorite season, or even in my top three, but this year, I’m trying to use reading as a way to make it one of them. I sit out by the pool and read, and because the sun is too bright for me to look at my phone, I find myself focusing and reading for longer than I would have at home. And when it gets too hot, I take a dip in the water to cool off. But some days, I prefer to head to my favorite local coffee shops to read, where I can get myself a Little Treat™ and enjoy some free AC with a good book.

— Fiona Hansen, Editorial and Outreach

4. Lounging at Home

House with bench.

During the summer I love to read outside on my front deck sitting on the bench. There is shade provided by the roof and the bench has a cushion. I enjoy reading on the bench because I get to be outside without feeling too hot from the blazing sun. I love being outside when the air is cool, and there is a nice breeze blowing through. Sitting on the bench is relaxing and allows me to escape into my book.

— Molly Ireland, Outreach     

5. Personal Picnic in the Park

Picnic blanket and basic in the park.

If it is a nice day outside, I enjoy reading on my balcony or walking to the park to catch some sun. The balcony has shade but does not give me that feeling of being out with nature during the summer, so for the most part, I do love going to the park to read. I set up a blanket on the grass to lay down in, have my water bottle and some chips or fruit, then get to reading for a couple of hours. It is relaxing, and I enjoy listening to the birds chirping or even the sound of tree leaves rustling together.

— Alexa Vergil, Editorial

Thanks for reading! Where are your favorite places to read during the summer? Let us know on our socials! Instagram, Facebook, and X!

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