The Best Reading Positions

If you’re going to do a marathon reading session, you’re going to need the right technique. The right method. Is this about how it’s actually good to sit, like, for your spine? Of course not. All that matters is how long you can stay still and not leave the world of fiction. Or non fiction I guess. Live your best lives, nerds.


Embrace the Chair

Image via Amino Apps

Ah, many happy days binge reading the Harry Potter books and becoming one with an armchair like this. The real tragedy of growing up is that you’ll probably get a little taller and not be able to scrunch yourself up as much. I guess I just need a bigger chair.


Cold Can’t Burn a Reader

Image via EGuide Tyler TX

I’ve done some cold day outdoor reading, but this is another level. She looks like she’s gonna be there for hours. She’d be so much warmer if she was standing up! This is serious commitment. She’s got reading to get done, and she’s gonna do it right here.


Good Posture

Image via LiveAligned

Okay, sure, this is how we SHOULD all sit, but who has the patience? My foot’s gonna fall asleep, I’m gonna get excited and hunch over it like a literal vulture. I really like that little reading stool, though. Maybe with a beanbag or something. But not for very long.


Big Mood

Image via Youtube

I don’t know what this is actually intended to illustrate, but those pillows look comfy, lying on the floor is a Big Mood, and keeping the ebook over her stomach is good technique. We’ve all dropped massive hard backs on our faces. Just me?


Fresh Takes

Image via Warby Parker Blog

Okay, some of these might not be good over long periods, but I guess it depends on how comfortable you are standing on one hand. Worth a try. Plus, it might really elevate the experience. Reading about an awkward dad? Do the awkward dad!

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