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The 6 Most Outrageously Expensive Office Supplies

I’ve come to find that, when in a craft or office supplies store, there ain’t nothing wrong with splurging a little bit. It feels good to treat yourself to the nice stuff when it comes to your planner, school belongings, or other desk supplies you may need… within a certain budget though, right? That in itself is a challenge! Dropping thirty or forty bucks on some neat journal inserts, page markers, or washi tape may seem easy. How about $175 dollars? How about nah.


Well, if you want the best of the best, gold-plated, diamond encrusted, genuine everything, then you have to cough up the big bucks. Even if that one item is beautiful and just what you ‘need’, there’s a voice in your head that says: DON’T DO IT. Below is a list of 6 office supplies that make you think exactly that.


1. El Casco 23k Gold-Plated Large Stapler– $395, Barneys


23k Gold-Plated Stapler

Where do the staples go in? | Image Via Shop Your Way



2. Gokukawa Leather Keyboard– $548 (without symbols), $603 (with symbols)


Leather Keyboard

I just paid $548, there’s no way I’m paying $55 more | Image Via Softpedia News



3. Aurora Diamente Fountain Pen– $1.47 million


Aurora Diamente Fountain Pen

Can you imagine writing your grocery list out with 30+ karats? Me neither…| Image Via BakLOL



4. Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic Anello Mechanical Pencil– $1,421.96, Stamp & Staple


If it’s not better than the Bic ones, I don’t want it. | Image Via Stamp & Staple



5. GoldenStore’s 14th Century Paper– $13,760


Ancient Paper

I’d use this to write a love letter… to myself | Image Via Elite Choice



6. Graf Von Faber-Castell Round Eraser-Platinum– $175, Graf Von Faber-Castell



One too many mistakes and your $175 is eraser dust | Image Via Graf Von Faber-Castell



Well, that made me feel sort of broke, but also smart. I have my hard-earned money and there’s no way that I’ll be blowing it on a stapler or a keyboard anytime soon. However, these are some nice items to look at. If you want to spend your money on these go ahead. If you want to save $13,000 dollars and go on a cruise rather than buy paper, more power to you! As I’ve said before, whatever makes you happy.


Feature Image Via Skill Programming