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The 10 Nicest Things to Do for Book Lovers

It’s always nice to spread the love and, if you have a book lover in your life, you may be confused how to please them. Do you buy them chocolate? Do you take them to the pizzeria? Do you play with them on the jungle gym? It can be a daunting task to do something nice for the elusive bookworm. Here are ten surefire things you can do that a book lover will find pleasant.


1. Buy them spoons.



Image Via Crate and Barrel


Spoons are used to mix tea, which is what readers like to drink sometimes.


2. Give them scraps of paper.


Paper scraps

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Scraps of paper can be used as bookmarks, which are useful for readers.


3. Fluff their pillows.




Some readers like to rest their heads during a good read, so make sure their pillows are comfy.


4. Restock their honey jars.



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Honey is frequently used as a sweetener in things like tea, so make sure they’re at full capacity.


5. Steal their phones.




The internet can’t distract a reader when a reader has no internet access.


6. Give them alone time.



Image Via NPR


Hey, leave em alone!


7. Lock them in a room.




Best way to get some alone time is by being in a room by oneself.


8. Get them some cat food.


Meow Mix

Image Via Dollar General


A man’s best friend might be a dog, but a reader’s best friend is a cat because they mind their own business. Best way to get a free cat is to leave cat food out by your door.


9. Whittle them a nightstand.



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You can’t read without light and lights often come from lamps, but you can’t use a lamp unless it has something to be on top of. This is where your nightstand comes in.


10. Crochet them a blanket.


Crochet blanket

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It’s tough to read when you’re not cozy, so this crocheted blanket is useful for being comfortable.


Feauture Photo by Evan Kirby Via Unsplash