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The 10 Most Chilling New Reads for Winter

Written by Ashley Johnson


The dropping temperatures outside aren’t the only thing giving us the chills this winter. From psychological thrillers to sweeping page turners that will transport you to a thrilling time and place, we have the perfect reading list to fulfill your love for spine-tingling reads. Grab one (or more!) of these thrilling reads and your favorite blanket and get ready to read till the sun comes up.  


1. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah


The Great Alone


Leni Allbright is used to being the new kid but in this new novel by New York Times bestselling author, Kristin Hannah, the young girl will learn that in the Alaskan wilderness, there’s more to fear than just fitting in. As a brutal and dark winter moves in, supplies will become scarce and one family’s bond will be tested as Leni’s father struggles with the horrifying after-effects of Vietnam. She has learned how to protect herself from the dangers of the Alaskan frontier but will she be able to protect herself and her mother from the threat living in their own home?


2. The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn


The Woman in the window


Anna Fox is the woman in the window in this instant #1 New York Times bestseller. Struggling with intense agoraphobia, Anna spends her days alone, drinking wine and watching her neighbors through their windows. When a night of spying ends in her witnessing a shocking crime, she’ll be forced to alert the authorities who refuse to believe her seemingly crazy story. The perfect read for rans of The Girl on the Train, this suspenseful novel will have you questioning what’s real and what is merely a side effect of Anna’s medication.      


3. The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson


Wolves of Winter


Tyrell Johnson’s debut novel takes readers into a world destroyed by nuclear war and a sweeping epidemic. After moving to the Canadian Yukon and living a completely isolated life for two years, Lynn McBride and her family will be startled at the arrival of a mysterious stranger, Jax, who claims to have the answers to saving humanity—but only with Lynn’s help. Desperate to help, Lynn will find herself suddenly thrust out into a dangerous world where she must learn to fight in order to protect the ones she loves. For fans of post-apocalyptic stories like Station Eleven, this is the next book you won’t be able to put down. 


4. The Wife by Alafair Burke


The Wife


When Angela met economics professor Jason, she didn’t expect anything more than a summer fling. Six years later, she’s left her tragic past behind at her mother’s house and now lives in Manhattan, married to Jason and on the rise in her budding career. Just as everything seems to settle into place, allegations about Jason and another woman will arise and although Angela believes her husband when he denies the rumor, she’ll be forced to take a harder look at Jason and their marriage when the woman disappears. The difficult decision of one dutiful wife will change the lives of many in this jaw-dropping read.   


5. Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers by Sara Ackerman


Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers


In this historical fiction novel, Violet Iverson and daughter Ella find themselves in the midst of the Pacific battles of World War II and struggling to accept the disappearance of Violet’s husband. As their quaint island is taken over by troops, Violet and her neighbors open a pie stand for the soldiers but when Ella becomes unusually quiet, her mother will begin to wonder what she really knows about her missing father. Fearing someone has forced her daughter to keep a dark secret, Violet will do whatever it takes to find answers about what really happened to her husband.  


6. The Perfect Nanny by Leïla Slimani


Perfect Nanny


In Slimani’s international bestseller, the hunt for the perfect nanny becomes a horror story one couple never saw coming. Upon meeting Louise, Myriam and her husband are convinced that she is the best candidate to take care of their two young children but as they come to depend on their new nanny, they’ll find that her love for the children and her jealousy of the family will have dangerous consequences. From the devastating first sentence to the startling conclusion, The Perfect Nanny is every mother’s worst nightmare.   


7. Everless by Sara Holland




For all YA fans, this New York Times bestseller from Sara Holland is the thrilling winter read you’ll want to get your hands on next. Jules Ember has grown up hating the aristocratic Gerlings family but soon comes to realize the only way to save her father is to become part of their world. In a society where time is the only currency, Jules will finally learn why her father has always advised her to stay away from the wicked Everless estate and the monstrous family that calls it home. Racing against the clock, Jules knows she’s the only one who can save her family. 


8. The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey


Widows of Malabar Hill


Massey’s mystery novel set in 1920s Bombay, is an enticing story about a brilliant female attorney and her quest for the truth. When Perveen Mistry is sent to settle the will of Omar Farid, she’ll find the three rattled widows he left behind and their odd decision to donate all of their inheritance to charity. Before Perveen has the chance to interview each of Omar’s wives, a murder is committed, turning a seemingly simple will settlement into a baffling homicide case Perveen never expected. A story inspired by the first female attorney in India, The Widows of Malabar Hill is full of secrets, lies and the ominous past of one strong woman.  


9. The Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon


The Neighbors


When Abby left Liam 20 years ago, she thought her life with him was over but in this suspenseful women’s fiction novel, she’ll find out she can’t escape their horrific past or the pull of fate. Abby and husband Nate have built a new life together despite the guilt they still feel over the death of Abby’s brother. Just as things begin to settle, a new couple moves onto their street and much to Abby’s surprise, it’s Liam and his new family. As the two pretend not to know one another, they’ll learn that the past isn’t as distant as they had hoped and all secrets really are brought to light eventually. 


10. Force of Nature by Jane Harper


Force of Nature


As part of a new team building strategy, five colleagues go on a corporate hiking retreat from which only four of them will return. When investigators are called out to solve the case, agent Aaron Falk immediately takes interest in the disappearance as financial corruption in the company may have been the reason for now missing woman Alice. Taking his search deep into the dark woods, Falk will find a flood of secrets, betrayal and personal feuds that may have led to the murder of Alice. The second book in the Aaron Falk series, Force of Nature is a twisted thriller perfect for fans of murder mysteries. 


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