Summer Books to Pair With Your Zodiac Sign

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Most of life’s answers are nestled in the stars – who we should date on Tinder, which ladder to climb at work, what to spend our money on – so why would our reading choices be any different? We handpicked 12 compelling, can’t-put-down summer reads which are sure to stir your inner star sign. These books are basically your literary soulmates  – so you’re welcome.  

Aries – Homegoing  by Yaa Gyasi 


If there were ever a journey the adventure-loving Aries should partake in this summer, it’s Homegoing by debut author Yaa Gyasi. This emotionally epic tale about two half sisters from Ghana and their vibrant life in the historic waves of American history is the magnificent, moving and energetic reading experience of a lifetime. Homecoming is perfect for the brave and optimistic Aries, eager for an engaging and profound novel that tackles some tough topics. 

Taurus – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne


One of the Taurus’ greatest attributes is loyalty – and what could possibly be more loyal than muggle devotion to Harry Potter? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – written for stage performance – offers a magical perspective-bending reading experience for every arts-loving Taurus. 

Gemini –  Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes


The curious and persuasive Gemini is a glorious star sign to be sure, but they have several dimensions to their tricky personalities. The deeply delicious and hypnotic storytelling of Caroline Kepnes is sure to satisfy every Gemini’s double life. One man’s quest to put his sinister past behind him doesn’t go according to plan when old skeletons – literally – refuse to stay buried.  

Cancer –  The Tolling of Mercedes Bell by Jennifer Dwight  


Nurturing, protective and trusting, every Cancer is about to relate to this star protagonist. Recently widowed single mother Mercedes Bell is struggling to keep her happiness intact and hope blossoms when she falls for charming San Francisco attorney Jack Soutane. Romance takes a compellingly dark turn when Jack’s deceptions put Mercedes and the life of her daughter at risk – and then the Cancer is unleashed.   

Leo — Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler


If you’re a Leo, we know what you want: drama and romance. When fiercely modern and independent Kate Battista is asked by her father to marry his lab assistant Pyotr so he isn’t deported, drama and romance most definitely ensues. For the ambitious yet encouraging Leo, Vinegar Girl is perfect for you; it’s a literary trifecta of humor, emotions and the darling outcome of forced romance.   

Virgo – Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow 


Every Virgo loves devouring stories on the human experience. In this New York Times bestseller, producer of every genuinely hilarious movie in existence (Knocked UpTrainwreckThe 40-Year-Old Virgin) Judd Apatow shares his intimate conversations with the world’s biggest names in comedy and explores the endless joys of making other humans laugh. 

Libra – Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw


Libras love a healthy dose of peace and harmony, and you can count on one country crooner to deliver it. Written by Grammy-winning artist Tim McGraw, Humble and Kind explores his hit song of the same name on a deeper level and tenderly reinforces the ideas of compassionate, mindful and heartfelt living. It’ll give you all the feels.

Scorpio – The Girls by Emma Cline 


Scorpios know they are a little super cray – in a good way! There isn’t a better fit for the intense and passionate Scorpio than the hottest debut novel of summer: The Girls. Inspired by the sinister dynamics of the Manson family, this adrenaline-pumping novel explores the horrifying consequences of obsessive love and the dark detours of girlhood.

Sagittarius – Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlop 


The Sagittarius is one of those signs overflowing with wanderlust and curiosity, so any book this sign reads needs to be dripping with adventure. Losing the Light takes readers on a seductive tale of French decadence, dramatic love triangles and a lusty global affair bound to give you chills.

Capricorn – Leaving Blythe River by Catherine Ryan Hyde


Tenacious, strong-willed and astrologically bestowed with endless patience, Capricorns have the endurance to persevere in the face of obstacles. When scrawny 17-year-old Ethan Underwood learns his estranged father went missing in the wilderness, he decides to combat mother nature in a selfless mission to save the man who betrayed him. Leave it to the Capricorn to always work things out. 

Aquarius – The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer


The Aquarius is all about fierce independence; we couldn’t imagine any other author so unapologetically herself than Hollywood’s comedic queen Amy Schumer to fit your summer read. Her new laugh-out-loud memoir (like, we can’t even) should definitely be on every Aquarius’ digital bookshelf this summer.   

Pisces – The Lucidity Project by Abbey Campbell Cook


Insanely in touch with emotional energy, Pisces is one of the most intuitive signs of them all – some say even psychic. For those Pisces who believe in the power of their minds (and ghosts), The Lucidity Project is an exhilarating dive into the mysterious and fantastical world of psychic abilities and embracing your deepest mental powers.  

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