Steamy New Romance Novels

These five romance novels will make great additions to your shelf, and spice up your Tuesday. Rom-com love stories, with great characters and steamy moments!

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Welcome to a new week filled with amazing possibilities – and amazing new books. These five romance novels will make great additions to your shelf, and spice up your Tuesday. Rom-com love stories, with great characters and steamy moments! You don’t want to miss them.

1. Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert


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Take a Hint, Dani Brown, tells the story of two people, Danika and Zafir. Danika has already been through all of the relationship drama, and right now her main focus is professional success. However, she is longing for a friend with benefits. During a fire drill gone wrong, she is rescued by Zafir, the brooding security guard, which means the two of them are obviously destined to sleep together. Then a video of Zafir rescuing Danika goes viral, and now the whole world is shipping them as a couple – #DrRugbae. Zafir wants Danika to play along to gain publicity for his charity event for kids sports, and Danika agrees. Danika wants to fake the relationship in public and just sleep with him behind the scenes, but as it turns out, Zafir is a romantic at heart and tries his best to knock down the walls Danika puts up. However, Zafir has walls of his own, and Dani is finding this ‘easy lay’ more complicated than she expected. Now, Dani must decide if she is being thrown off or if the universe is giving her a sign by the name of Zafir.



2. The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon


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The Boyfriend Project follows Samiah, who has just been catfished by her boyfriend, who happened to be dating two other women. Samiah and the two other girls, Taylor and London, have gone viral online after a live tweet of their terrible date. Now, the three new besties have made a pact to focus on themselves, and put men on hold for the next six months. Samiah can now focus on the app she’s been dreaming of creating, however she gets easily distracted by her new sexy co-worker, Daniel. Samiah can’t keep her eyes off him, but she also can’t decide if Daniel is boyfriend material, or just too good to be true.


3. The Marriage Game by Sara Desai


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The Marriage Game tells the story of Layla and Sam. Layla moves back home to San Francisco when her life falls apart, and her dad, who owns a Michelin restaurant, just wants to see his daughter happy again. So, he lets her have the empty office space above the restaurant to start her business, and secretly sets up an online dating profile for her. Layla is clueless to her father’s arrangements of blind dates until they come knocking. Sam just wants a quiet office and finds the perfect space above Layla’s dad’s restaurant, with the caveat that he has to share the space with her. Sam finds Layla to be infuriating, and his hope of a quiet space is just a dream with Layla’s crazy family and all the suitors her dad has lined up for her. Of course, working in the same office sparks something between the two and as they fight over their space, they begin to fight for each other’s affections.



4. 500 Miles From You by Jenny Colgan


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500 Miles From You tells the story of two nurses, Lissie and Cormack, who swap jobs for six months. Lissie is suffering from PTSD after trying to save a victim from a shocking crime. Lissie is usually good at keeping it together but her boss decides to give her a break, and lets her do a less demanding job for six months. So, Lissie packs her bags and heads to a little town called Kirrinfeif that’s located in the Scottish Highlands. Which is where Cormack works, but now he will be taking over her job, and although he isn’t use to the big city, the change of scenery could do both of them some good. However, Cormack feels like a fish out of water and Lissie isn’t used to quiet, but swapping jobs keeps the two in constant contact. Not only do they talk about patients, but they talk about everything. They end up falling for each other, but if the two have never met in person, what happens when they do?


5. Dance Away with Me by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


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Dance Away with Me follows the story of Tess Hartstrong, who runs off to Runaway Mountain for some peace and solitude. Tess has been through a lot and she’s a widow, so being out in nature could be the cure for her heartbreak. However, instead of finding solace, she finds a lot of different people. She encounters an enigmatic artist, a fairy tale spite with a lot of secrets, curious teens,  helpless infants, and most importantly she meets Ian North. Ian has a tourted soul but he is gifted, and he makes Tess question a lot of things. Tess now wonders if she lost herself by running away or kfound a future.

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