Steamy New Romance Novels

Who doesn’t love a new week filled with new books? The best part of the week is adding new books to your TBR (to be read), and these new romance titles are worth adding to your list. They’re filled with nothing but steamy scenes and lots and lots of passion. So, go ahead and get your copies!

1. ‘Loathe At First Sight’ by Suzanne Park

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Loathe At First Sight tells the story of Melody Joo, who has just landed her dream job as a video game producer. However, her dream job isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be with her sexist male co-workers. To top it off, there is a new intern, Nolan, who is just as bad and only got the job because his uncle is the boss. Melody designs a game where male strippers have to fight for survival to deal with her frustrations. Even though the game starts out as a joke, it becomes the most popular game in the company. Unfortunately, Nolan is assigned to her team. At first Melody, is reluctant to work with him. But, as they grow closer, she soon sees there is a lot more to Nolan than she thought. Now, her project is about to launch with a lot of complications, and Nolan might just be the guy to help. He might also be the one to steal her heart.

2. You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria

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You Had Me at Hola tells the story of two stars, Jasmine Lin Rodriguez and Ashton Suarez.  Jasmine is dealing with a lot of tabloid issues following her public break up, and it just happens to be when she’s headed to New York to film a bilingual romantic comedy for the most popular streaming service. Jasmine prepares to be the leading lady, but her plans are dashed when she learns Ashton Suarez is going to be her leading man. Ashton has just been killed off in his telenovela, and this project is his chance to show America what he brings to the table as an actor. In order to make this the best film, he wants to have great chemistry with Jasmine. However, their first encounter doesn’t go so well. So, the two agree to work in private on the dynamic of their relationship. As they grow closer, this work develops into a behind the scenes romance. Though their on screen romance improves, the media is prepared to take down Jasmine and reveal Ashton’s hidden secret.

3. ‘No Offense’ by Meg Cabot

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No Offense tells the story of Molly and John. Molly is struggling with the pain of a broken engagement. To heal, she decides to move to the Florida Keys to work at Library as head of children’s services. She is ready for the change, until she finds a newborn in the bathroom. When Molly calls the sheriff to come and investigate, she is annoyed by his arrogance but blown away by his blue eyes. John, recently divorced, is a single parent who is having a difficult time adjusting to being a dad. However, when he meets Molly, he thinks his new life in Florida might not be so bad.

4. ‘Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop’ by Roselle Lim

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Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop tells the story of Vanessa Yu, who loves to read people’s fortunes in tea leaves.  Sometimes, she can’t help but blurt out people’s fortunes. Even when she drinks coffee. To her parents dismay, being able to see fortunes hasn’t found her a husband, so they set her up on a shanghai matchmaking service. The day before her appointment, Vanessa sees in the tea leaves that she is going to die by traffic accident. In order to live her life to the fullest, she has to get rid of her fortune reading abilities. She asks her aunt Evelyn for help, prompting them to leave America and set off for Paris. While there, Vanessa tries to reconnect her aunt with a lost love and learns more about herself and her fortune telling gift. The most important lesson she leans is that knowing a fortune isn’t a curse; not being able to change it is.

5. ‘The Wedding Date Disaster’ by Avery Flynn

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The Wedding Date Disaster tells the story of Hadley Donovan. She has no choice but to head home to Nebraska to attend her sisters wedding. Instead of her best friend being her date, his horrible twin brother comes in his place. Hadley can’t stand Will Holt. To make matters worse, he signs them up for all the family events she was supposed to avoid with her best friend. However, the more time they spend together and fight, the more they just might be falling for each other. Will does look super hot in jeans after all.


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