Start 2020 With Bookstr’s Top Fantasy Picks

A new year is upon us! The end of 2019 is today, and the beginning of 2020 is tomorrow! A great way to start the year is to add some amazing titles to your TBR list. Here are some great Fantasy recommendations to start off 2020.



1. Queen of Nothing by Holly Black


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The Queen of Nothing, is the third and final installment in the Folk of the Air trilogy. Jude, is now a powerless exiled Queen of Faerie after she released her control on Carden, the wicked king. Now, she is fighting to reclaim everything Carden took from her after his betrayal. Then opportunity strikes in an unlikely place from her deceptive twin sister, Taryn who’s mortal life is in danger. In order to save her sister, Jude has to face Carden and admit her feelings, unfortunately, war is brewing in Elfhame, and she ends up slipping behind enemy lines. Then when a powerful curse is released, Jude must choose between ambition and humanity.



2. The Starless Sea: A Novel by Erin Morgenstern


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The Starless Sea,  follows Zachary Ezra Rawlins, who is in search for his door. The door leads to a labyrinth of stories and a collection of tunnels. These are hidden in forest floors, in private homes, and sometimes in plain sight. Zachary believes he is meant for another place, a siren song, but he doesn’t know he’s searching for this door. By chance he discovers a mysterious book in his campus library and he finds a story in there written from his own childhood—and the book is older than he is. A bee, a key, and a sword that are on the cover of the book lead Zachary to two people who will change his life: Mirabel, a fierce pink haired painter and Dorian, a handsome barefoot man with shifting alliances. These two lead Zachary into many different adventures, but of course with adventures come conflict. There is battle raging over the fate of the place and there are people who want to protect it, and people who want to destroy it. As those three search for answers, they uncover a timeless love story that has pirates, painters, lovers, liars, and ships that set sail on the starless sea.



3. Supernova by Marissa Meyer


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Supernova, the conclusion to the Renegades trilogy. Nova and Adria are fighting to keep their identies a secret, while there is a battle going on against their alter egos, Nightmare and the Sentinel. However there is a darker threat hovering over them, the Renegades worst enemy is back and is ready to reclaim Galton City. Now, Nova and Adrian have to keep lying and betraying each other to protect the ones they love. They have to bridge the gap between heroes and villains or they will end up losing everything, including each other.



4. Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao


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Blood Heir, follows crowned princess Anastacya Mikhailov or Ana who has a terrifying secret that keeps her hidden behind the palace walls. She is cursed with a deadly affinity to blood. Now her father is dead and she is being framed for his murder. Ana has no choice but to flee the castle and search for her father’s murderer on her own. However, life outside the castle walls are a lot different, corruption rules the land and the only person who can help Ana is Ramson Quicktongue. He is a cunning crime lord of the Cyrillan underworld, but he may have met his match with Ana. Ana might just be the most dangerous player of all.



5. The Deep by Rivers Solomon


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The Deep, follows Yetu, who holds the memories of her people. The descendants of pregnant African slave women thrown overboard by slave owners. Their past is too traumatic to be remembered but their memory lives on in one person, the historian, and that is Yetu. She regularly remembers the trauma of the past and it is destroying her. So, she flees from the responsibilities and escapes to the surface, where she discovers a world her people left behind. Yetu begins to learn more than she thought about her past, and even the future of her people. In order for them to survive they have to reclaim their memories and their identity and own who they really are.



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