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Spookify Your Halloween Vocabulary With These 31 Words!

Greetings, fellow Halloweenies. October is starting to curl up and fall away from us as November draws closer. So, there are a few things we need to go over before the mysterious and haunting night of Halloween.


Is your costume ready? Your candy fully stocked? Do you have garlic to ward off vampires? How about your vocabulary? Yes, you heard me right. Halloween is rich with ghosts, ghouls, spooks, and countless other jittery creatures! However, we can all agree that there’s always that one perfect word that describes how you feel no matter what the situation is. Halloween is special, so the words have to match. Here are thirty-one spooky Halloween terms, defined in my own words, that you have to use before the thirty-first…


1. Heebie-jeebies: That creepy feeling when the spider you saw in your room a second ago disappears.


2. Ghoul: Something abnormal and freaky that makes you want to sleep with a nightlight.


3. Trickery: It’s the act of deceiving, but it sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it?!


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4. Otherworldly: It’s the world of spirits! Almost like another dimension of imagination.


5. Begrimed: When something is disgustingly dirty and filthy. Do not touch it.


6. Hobgoblin: A mischievous little person or mythical figure. This could be a great insult!


7. Cobweb: Basically a spider web covered in dust, but use this one. It sounds creepier and itchier.


8. Skullduggery: The act of tricking, deceiving, and dishonesty! This was more popular in the mid-nineteenth century, but we’re gonna make it happen once more.


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9. Cackle: The way a wicked witch laughs. Have you ever heard that?


10. Spine-chilling: That icy feeling that runs from your neck to your back when something is extremely…sPOoKy!


11. Specter: I’ve got one word for you: ghost.


12. Blood-curdling: Terrifying as hell. This is not a joke.


13. Ghastly: Grim, awful, horrific. It sounds quite proper, but its use is for something super scary.


14. Wraith: This is the ghost of someone just before or after death! You don’t ever want to see one. Not ever.


15. Warlock: A name for a guy who practices magic, but it still makes me chuckle a bit. 


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16. Elixir: A mixture with magical or healing purposes. Think witches here.


17. Brambles: Prickly, thorny vines, usually with berries or roses, but I picture them surrounding a haunted house.


18. Gooseflesh: This is the same as goosebumps, but it sounds more beastly… And funny.


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19. Cauldron: A really big metal pot with a lid that witches usually cook frogs and bats in. It’s normally over a fire. Do not eat from it.


20. Labyrinth: Networks of extremely confusing passages and tunnels. An exaggerated term to describe impossible corn mazes.


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21. Lycanthrope: A werewolf! Professor Lupin anyone?


22. Phantasm: A shadowy figure or illusion. Can you trust your eyes? Nope.


23. Sibyl: Female oracle who can tell fortunes of the future. I wish that was me.


24. Netherworld: Pretty much the underworld. You don’t want to go there.


25. Conjure: To call on and bring forth a spirit. Also the reason why I don’t mess with Ouija boards.


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26. Eldritch: Just plain weird and spooky.


27. Concoction: A mixture of ingredients. This word has witchy connotations, but it sounds like a cake before it’s baked.


28. Baleful: Something menacing or threatening! 


29. Malediction: A rambling curse or phrase meant for evil purposes. Watch out for people mumbling things at you.


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30. Creepy-crawly: Usually referring to bugs like spiders, ants, earwigs, etc. You know bugs. They could make you feel itchy from ten feet away.


31. Nightmarish: Describes something out of your darkest nightmares. Perhaps an exam you didn’t study for.


Bonus word:


32. Nyctophobia: Fear of the dark. Why you don’t let your feet hang off the edge of the bed. Am I right?


These are only a few of the words we can use for the month of October and especially the last couple of weeks before Halloween. Your friends will be amused by your random ghostly vocabulary, but that’s a good thing! It’s time to impress your Halloween party guests and, as I said before, use that perfect word. You will be as ghoulish as you are bookish. Spook on!


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