Spice Up Your Week with Hot New Romance Novels

In the mood for some romance? Then you need to check out these five new books. They are full of love and great characters with some steamy scenes in between.

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Come one, come all, and get some new books to add to your TBR. In the mood for some romance? Then you need to check out these five new books. They are full of love and great characters with some steamy scenes in between. You don’t want to miss these hot new titles.

1. One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London


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One to Watch tells the story of Bea Schumacher, a plus-size fashion blogger. Bea loves to watch her favorite reality show, Main Squeeze, but no matter how much she loves the show she can’t stand the lack of body diversity on the show. Apparently being a size zero means you’re the perfect person to get engaged, and Bea can’t stand it or love, so she has sworn off men. That is, until she gets the chance to be the next star of Main Squeeze. Of course she agrees to be on the show, but she refuses to fall in love. Her main goal is to inspire America and show the world plus-size women are worthy of being desirable and in love. However, when the camera starts to roll, Bea is pushed into the spotlight and has to deal with internet wars and the possibility that she just might fall in love. Will she be able to trust the men, and most importantly, trust herself?



2. What You Wish For by Katherine Center


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What You Wish For follows Samantha Casey and Duncan Carpenter. Samantha is a school libraian, and Duncan is the new school principal. Both of them knew each other before they became the people they are now. Samantha loves her job and loves living her life, while Duncan is more cautious and aware that bad things can happen. Samantha used to love Duncan back when they worked together at a different school when she was invisible to everyone, including herself. Duncan used to be more carefree and now he’s so hyper-focused on protecting the school he might just destroy it himself. Now, the school commmumity is spiraling out of control and Samantha and Duncan have to work together to fix it, which helps them find their way to who they are and to one other. They might just be brave enough to fall in love.


3. Paris is Always a Good idea by Jenn Mckinlay


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Paris is Always a Good Choice tells the story of Chelsea Martin, who had the time of her life seven years ago during her gap year. Since then, a lot has happened; her mother died of cancer, and her sister has been married twice, while Chelsea has thrown herself into her work. It isn’t until her dad is about to get re-married that she realizes she hasn’t been happy in seven years. So, she decides to go back in time and take another trip to find the three men she fell in love with; Colin in Ireland, Jean Claude in France, and Marcelino in Italy. Chelsea hopes one of these mean can help her fall in love again and remember what it feels like to be happy.



4. Romeantically Challenged by Marina Adair


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Romeantically Challenged follows the story of a physician’s assistant who sets out on an adventure. Her adventure is man-free zone, but unfortunately she gets stranded in Rhode Island, full of very interesting eccentric people. However, her roommate is very attractive and making her second guess her man-free trip. Can she handle having a hot roommate? Or will she give into her temptations?


5. A Sweet Mess by Jayci Lee


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A Sweet Mess tells the story of Aubrey Choi who loves living away from her strict Korean parents in her small town, running her bakery. Unfortunately, there is a cake mix-up that gets her a bad review from her one night stand. This bad review could ruin her career, but when Landon Kim comes into her bakery, Aubrey can’t decide if she wants to throw him out or hear him out. She never thought she would see him again, and now he’s standing in her bakery, so she listens to the plans he has to help her save her bakery. Landon asks Aubrey to spend three weeks with him in wine country to work on her business plan, and Aubrey knows it’s going to be a disaster. She has to save her bakery but she can’t help wanting to give Landon a second chance, and his friends aren’t helping by trying to push the two of them together, tricking them into sharing a villa. Now, Aubrey has to decide to focus on her business or give into what her heart desires.


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