Space is Crazy: Enjoy It With These Books

It’s Friday. We all love space. You need a book to tune you into your weekend sloth self. Solution? Space books! Slipping into sloth mode for the weekend, there’s plenty of book to waste away the day, why not take some time to ogle and awe at the glorious gossamer of a universe we call home? However, because black holes and cosmic gunk is still scary despite being light years away, we’re keeping a safe distance with some rad space-based photo books instead. Here’s a few to keep you busy. 

You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes by Chris Hadfield


Incorporating images from an (idealized) orbit of ISS, this book creates a planetary tour courtesy of stunning photographs. Witness the unseen beauty of the world, landscapes never before seen, and the consequences of human settlement on our big blue planet. 


Phenomena by Tobias Selnaes Markussen, Sara Galbiati and Peter Helles Eriksen


Only have a few minutes to devour the universe? Look no further. This video trailer for the book dummy is just long enough to give you a glimpse of the universe and a history of UFOs without boring you to death or making you feel like you’ve entered a cult of space-object-spotters. The video chronicles the fixation with a world beyond ours. It follows twenty individuals who believe that life is out there, and be wary because the government may be watching us all. Meet documentary film makers, alien experts, and navigators of the universe who spend their lives searching for evidence of the beyond.  

UFO Photographs Around the World by Wendelle Stevens and August Roberts


Feeling like this is the weekend to employ a conspiracy theory? Don’t pursue the noble endeavor alone; take this book with you. Recounting the sightings of UFO’s across the globe, this book chronicles 46 UFO cases with over 130 pictures taken by real human beings. Cover to end, it will leave you stewing in your own mix of skepticism and perhaps even quiet wonder. If the cover seems shady, it might be because it is. Believers, hold strong. 


Coloring the Universe: An Insider’s Look at Making Spectacular Images of Space by Travis A Rector, Kimberly K Arcand, Megan K Watzke


This book answers a question I’ve always had when it comes to anatomy or biology – is that really what it looks like? I learned – at least concerning the life sciences – that our inner worlds tend not to be as colorful (or light exposed) as they appear to be in text books, but what about the natural sciences? Is the universe really filled with electric blues and ribbons of brilliant greens? This book explores how these astounding images are brought into focus, and the means of capturing worlds one too many moons away. You can put on your Bill Nye elementary cap and learn about light waves, or just stare at the photographs. 


The Hubble Cosmos byDavid DeVorkin 


Celebrate the Hubble Telescope’s 25 years of exploration with stunning photographs. Yay for stars and space and all the Hubble All-Stars! 

Earth from Space by Author Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Bertrand’s book re-imagines our blue planet through the lens of heat maps and vivid colors. He invites us to look at the world with a critical eye, focusing on snow loss, the degenerating health of vegetation, and a decrease in bird populations globally. The images are a beautiful reminder of what’s at stake.


Space Dreams: Sci-Fi Adult Coloring Book Adventure by Lightburst Media


Of course, we had to include a coloring book! If taking in the wonders of the universe isn’t stimulating enough for you, this coloring book ought to do the trick. This adult coloring book is brimming over with visuals of the cosmos and humorously trippy designs. Enjoy it as you gaze up at the majestic night sky, or take it indoors for a quiet evening of doodling. 

Feature image courtesy of Giphy.