Six Hilarious Memes To Get You In The ‘Avatar’ Spirit

Unless you’ve been in an iceberg for the last couple of weeks; you’re aware that Avatar: The Last Airbender (a fifteen year old show, just to be clear) has been number one on Netflix. As well as dominating platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; the buzz created by both new and old fans is amazing! So why not celebrate an amazing show and all the buzz it’s been receiving – with memes? 


Oh Uncle Iroh…


Image via Instagram


You know I had to start off with a Zuko meme. I think we can all agree 90% of Iroh scenes in Season one caused us to make this face.



Say What Now?


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Accept it, we’re all still suffering from the emotional turmoil from ‘The Library’ episodes. Another thing we’re still reeling from: Aang’s eagerness to throw hands. Someone should check on those sandbenders.


Ultimate Crossover


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Honestly, this is the crossover we never knew we needed. It’s the crossover we deserved.



The Definition of ‘On Sight’


Image via @MrLuckyToBeBorn


I don’t know what beefs are more iconic: Harry vs. Voldemort or Zuko vs. Zhao. I’m leaning towards the second answer; sorry Harry!


A Classic


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Honestly if you know, you know. This is for all my hardcore meme lovers.



Right In The Feels


Image via @Queerxoxox


If this meme doesn’t hit you right in your chakras, are you even human? Frankly this will be my mood for the rest of 2020.

I’ve never been prouder to be an Avatar fan! Flameo Hotman!

Feature Image via IGN