Signs You Suffer From ‘Abibliophobia’

There are so many phobias, you’d think that at least half of them are made up. But I’m sure readers will all agree, ‘abibliophobia’: the fear of running out of reading material, is no laughing matter. 

Unfortunately, Abibliophobia is an inevitability of a life spent reading. The longer you can avoid it the better. It is extremely rare in children, although some exhibit signs of an early onset condition in their preteen years. 

If you’re a concerned parent, you may want to look out for some of these warning signs:

1) Your child reads at the dinner table

2) Your child has more books than friends

3) Your child reads more than you

4) They place more trust in their English teacher and local libarian than in you

The condition is most prevalent, and often most severe, in college students majoring in the humanities, who are convinced that they don’t exist unless they have read every word Nietzsche ever wrote. 

It is not uncommon for the condition to recede in middle age. Those who experience chronic abibliophobia in early adulthood cite negative visceral reactions to books in later years such as nausea and blurred vision. 

In rarer cases, the condition becomes most severe in old age, particularly amongst college professors and retirees, who REALLY have nothing better to do than learn how much sugar Virginia Woolf took with her tea. 


Featured image courtesy of Newsdumper