Short Books for a Busy Week

We’ve all been there: you’re swamped with assignments, essays and exams at school or you’re in over your head at work. Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to read when life gets hectic. Here’s a list of short books for when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands!

Sharp objects by gillian flynn

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This novel will have you on your the edge of your seat throughout, which is important when you’re trying to read in the middle of a busy week. It’s a gripping story of a reporter, recently released from a mental hospital, who is tasked with covering two murders which took place in her hometown. She’s forced to face her self-involved, hypochondriac mother and step-sister and delve deep into her puzzling past in this psychological thriller.

On earth we’re briefly gorgeous by ocean vuong

Image Via Random House

This novel fits so much into a small amount of pages, making it a must-read for an overloaded week. In excruciating, devastating prose, Vuong tells a story of family, race and class from the perspective of a son to a mother who can’t read.


Red at the bone by jacqueline Woodson

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Woodson tells an intriguing story of the ties that bind a family together after an unexpected pregnancy brought a new child into the world. The writing in this book alone is enough to make it onto your must-read list. Woodson writes with striking honesty while exploring the difficult and important topics of identity, family, class, racism and mother-daughter relationships.

Her body and other parties by Carmen maria Machado

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Her Body and Other Parties is perfect for anyone who loves science fiction and fantasy. A collection of brilliant short stories, this small book will help you get through a busy week while giving you a dose of smart, well-crafted science fiction and psychological realism.

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