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She-Ra Memes To Spice Up Pride Month

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is not only an amazing show (I should know – I binged-watched it), but it showcases amazing LGBTQ+ representation with topics like acceptance, vulnerability as power, and strength in numbers. It’s these reasons that we should celebrate Pride Month with some amazing She-Ra memes! Now I’m not responsible for whatever spoilers lay ahead so enjoy at your own risk. Let’s begin! For the honor of grayskull! 

  1.  Plainsight
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    Listen people, we saw Catradora a mile away…..and we pestered Noelle about for months. Either way my fellow Catradora shippers and I, we’re victorious. Say it with me “they are more than friends and it’s not too much for a kid’s show”.

  2. Noelle is Just Like Us
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    When you discover that the creator of your favorite show is as obsessed as the fans, don’t you just love it even more? Noelle is all of us, but Noelle I beg you: please do one more season!

  3. Points Were Made
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    I should be invited to Hogwarts solely off of this meme; honestly combing two fandoms isn’t easy people. However, I’m starting to think Mermista and Entrapta should switch places.

  4. Can’t Unsee It
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    Once you see it, you really can’t unsee it. Kirby and Glimmer are the same person, you can’t tell me otherwise.

  5. Poor Kyle
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    Rule number one Kyle, you can’t be slipping on the gram. Frankly I just wish I could follow them all on instagram it would’ve made lockdown a lot more entertaining. But, is that Rogelio in Lonnie’s avi? *gasps*

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