Sci-Fi Novels You Can’t Miss

It’s always a great time to read a new book, so why not start off your week with one of these cool new sci-fi titles.

This is the perfect time for some space escapism, and these sci-fi reads are sure to be a hit! From YA, to adult fiction, to some creepily on-the-nose pandemic literature, there’s something for everyone.

1. Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth

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Chosen Ones follows five un-extraordinary teens, Sloane, Matt, Ines, Albie, and Esther. They were brought together by a clandestine government because one of them was destined to become the chosen one. However, all five of them defeated the Dark One together. Everyone celebrated them, and now ten years later Sloane is still struggling with the paparazzi following her and the Dark One haunting her dreams. Everyone has moved on, and the younger generation don’t even remember a time when the world lived in fear. Sloane is the only one who can’t seem to move on and on the ten year anniversary of the victory over the Dark One, one of the chosen ones ends up dead. As they gather for the funeral they learn that the Dark One never really left.



2. The End of October by Lawerence Wright

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The End of October tells the story of microbiologist and epidemiologist Henry Parsons. He is on his way to an internment Camp in Indonesia on behalf of the World Health Organization, but he doesn’t realize what traveling there will do to the globe. An infected man is on his way to worship Hajj in Mecca and now Henry must join forces with a doctor and a Saudi prince to quarantine the Holy City. Back home in Atlanta, Henry’s family are trying to survive as the disease crashes through the United States. A woman from the Russian emigre rushes to launch a response through homeland security, but in the face of the pandemic that is sweeping the nation, she may be too late.



3. Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie

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Bonds of Brass tells the story of Ettian Nassun who has spent the past seven years trying to piece himself back together after the Umber Empire invaded. Now, under its rule, Ettian is working hard to become the best pilot in his class at the Umber Military academy, with his best pal and roommate Gal Veres by his side. However, Ettian soon learns that his classmates are trying to assassinate Gal, because he is the heir to the throne that invaded those seven years ago. Ettian does his best to save Gal, and bring him to his rightful throne. Ettian is torn because even though Gal is his best friend, and the man he loves, he would be ruling the empire that destroyed him, so does he stand by him? Or join the classmates that want to end him?

4. The Loop by Ben Oliver

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The Loop follows Luka Kan, who has been inside the ‘loop’ for two years. All of the inmates in the loop are serving a death sentence but they can push their date back six months only if they decide to go into delays. Delays is another term for scientific and medical experiments that benefit the elites in the outside world. However, rumors of war in the outside world are spreading and it’s not long until strange things begin happening to the guards and the inmates are left alone. Luka is left to fend off the inmates that want to kill him, as well as a warden that has lost her mind and even rabid rats in the tunnels. He must try and break out of the loop to save his family and stop the chaos that is causing this war.



5. The Book of Koli by M.R Carey

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The Book of Koli tells the story of Koli and how he has lived in the Mythen Road his whole life. One of the first rules of survival that he knows is to never travel beyond the walls of the Mythen Road. However, he doesn’t know what it’s like when you don’t have a choice. Outside the comfort of the road lies a village, one that is extremely deadly. The forests are filled with trees that choke you and seeds that kill. If the forest doesn’t get you, one of its shunned men will.

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