Remembering Muhammad Ali: New Titles Coming Soon

As the world still reels from the loss of one of the greatest athletes, activists and icons of our time, publishers are rushing to the print house. Within the next several months you can expect a slew of titles focusing on “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali, his career, and of course his legacy.

Here’s what publishers have in store.


Pegasus Books – Muhammad Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest, by Thomas Hauser

The tribute is a retrospective of Ali’s life, relaying interviews, personal insights, and memories from Ali’s associates collected over the span of a decade.  Initially expected to debut in July, the book was released early after the news of Ali’s death. Published in e-book edition on June 4th, the hardcover copies are expected to arrive in bookstores over the course the the week.


Norton – Approaching Ali: A Reclamation in Three Acts, by Davis Miller

The title, previously published in hardcover last November, will be available in paperback this coming November featuring a new additional chapter. In the novel, Davis takes readers through his long winding friendship with Ali, the difficult turns they both faced, and the bond that withstood the turmoil.

The actual date of release is expected to be nailed down this week according to Phil Liveright, the book’s editor and marketing director.


Ben Bella Books – Ali vs. Inoki: The Forgotten Fight That Inspired Mixed Martial Arts and Launched Sports Entertainment, by Josh Gross

Gross’s title focuses exclusively on the fight between Ali and Inoki and leverages the event as an iconic shift in sports and sports entertainment. The boxing-meets-martial arts fight brought some 1.4 million viewers together across 34 countries and forged, according to Gross, the foundation for mixed martial arts. The debut novel, which includes pre-fight interviews with Ali, is set for release on June 21st.

We’re excited to read these new titles and remember one of the most monumental figures through the eyes of his most inspired fans. R.I.P. Muhammad Ali.


Featured image courtesy of Huffington Post.