Stephen King with hot pink eReader.

Reasons to Dust Off Your eReader

We know, we know. Nothing in the world can compare to feeling the weight of a novel, being able to smell the vanilla aroma of a page, and seeing the progress of your favorite bookmarks move from beginning to end.


That’s great. We are pretentious too. (Only teasing. Sort of. Ha!)


But there are so many nifty features that make an eReader a close second.


1. Easier to carry ALL the books


While lugging around David Foster Wallace or the complete series of Harry Potters is possible with a sturdy bag and at least one toned arm, it is so much easier having one of your literary bibles inside of a little computer. (You can also stop dragging around textbooks and rent them).


Judd Apatow with his kindle.

Image courtesy of Me and My Kindle


2. Stream your favorite movies and shows, too!


Don’t deny it, you watch Netflix nearly daily. Some of the newer eReaders are essentially tablets, capable of streaming and Facebooking to your heart’s content when you are away from your dear laptop.


3. Get more interesting apps in one place.


Speaking of apps, you can download some very cool ones in order to impress your friends. Become a psychic with a Tarot Card Reader app, or learn a language with Duolingo.


4. Free books.


That’s right, free books. Some books available to the public domain are also available for free on Amazon. You can get out books that will teach yourself the stock market, fortune telling, or photography. You could also catch up on several classics, like ‘Frankenstein,’ ‘Paradise Lost,’ and ‘Treasure Island.’



Oprah holding an eReader to Jeff Bezos

Image courtesy of Farmers and Writers


6. Easy Access


So whether you’re taking time off from work for vacation, or you are out for the summer from school, there could be some free time you have to fill. If you finish a book while away from home, you can download a new one or borrow one from the library (including audiobooks!)


7. Highlight freely; un-highlight too!


You don’t have to worry about defiling a book or a friend “borrowing” a book until the end of time. Though, they are still able to borrow your digital books by file sharing in certain eReader systems.


8. Keep your literature


There are less sacrifices that you have to make if you move. When traveling across the world or country, whether by plane train or boat, there are only so many material positions that you can actually haul with you. With an eReader you never have to decide between your signed copy of The Fault in our Stars by John Green, or one of the few copies of the Voynich manuscript.

Kindle with 50 Shades on screen

Image courtesy of The Green Girls


9. Keep your guilty pleasures a secret


There is never a shame about reading your book publicly. You can sit in peace on the subway with your copy of 50 Shades, or download a ‘sutra book if you’re ever in a real pinch.


10. Articles at your fingertips


You can get your magazine subscriptions with free eReader downloads. If you have ever been a victim to spilled coffee on your New Yorker, you can still find the amazing poem you were on elsewhere (just avoid getting coffee on the electronics.)



Robert Pattinson with his kindle in a tux.

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11. One eReader = Four Books


They are now super cheap. You can get the tablet-esque Kindle Fire for $80 dollars. That’s less than a phone, with a lot of the same capabilities.


12. Stay Pretentious


Now that eReaders are the newest trend, you don’t have to feel the obligation to cast them down. Many people received them, against their will or not, and might be able to find something great about them to put to use.


Header image courtesy of eReaders Blog