Readers of the World: Why Do You Read?

Welcome back Readers of the World! A global love demands global recognition of bookworms world-wide, so this past week we set out to the vast emporium of Facebook to get your stories. Returned from our vay-cay to the interwebs (metaphorically tanned and rested), the Bookstr team is back with some of our favorite responses from you, our beloved followers.


Rasmus (Denmark), reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


“Reading is diving into lives of people you will never become. You are you, but by reading books you get a chance to be someone else. I have read Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer seven times and I will never get tired of being inside the head of amazing (and only 9 year old) Oskar. Today I finished reading Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf which gave me some incredible hours inside the head of an old man and woman and experience their craving for love. I know it’s pure fiction, but reading gives my life perspective. I will never stop reading.”


Annie, reading Are Men Necessary?


“My current read is Dowd’s Are Men Necessary? Funny entertaining read… a friend lent me that one. I love reading because I get to be acquainted with other ideas, all over the world. Be entertained, cry, laugh etc.”


Germaine (Panama), reading Dime Quien Soy (Tell Me Who I Am)

“I’ve been in love with books since early childhood. My parents and my sister would read to me and I soon started devouring stories on my own. My current read is Dime Quien Soy (Tell Me Who I Am) by Julia Navarro. Historical fiction covering most of the 20th century. A journalist has been assigned to investigate the secret life of his estranged great grandmother. Set mostly in Madrid, Spain, I believe some parts take place in Germany and Russia. I’ve only read 125 pages and the great grandmother is 18 years old, married, and has an infant son. She’s more interested in politics than in domestic matters though. Very interesting story unfolding in the 1930’s at this point.”


Jerry (US), reading The Cosmic Landscape


“The Cosmic Landscape by Leonard Susskind. Reading is my passport to travel many different roads. History and science are my guides.”


Loris (Philippines), reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower


“I love reading because it teaches me things I can’t and may not learn from the four corners of a classroom. It heals my ignorance. It makes me experience different lives I never had and may never have. I find confidants through pages. The book that lingers on me til now is The Perks of Being a Wallflower [by Stephen Chbosky], it is relatable, the characters and their lives. Though I’ve read it years ago. For me, being also a wallflower(introvert) made me love this book so much. I’m so much connected with this book intimately. In a way that it’s too personal for me to talk about how enthralled I am with this.”


Susan (Victoria), reading All the Light We Cannot See


[By Anthony Doerr] “Brilliant, have always loved reading and getting lost in a book.”


Daniella, reading Paris, After the Liberation


[By Antony Beevor] “It’s such a great read. Reading good books takes my breath away almost as much as falling in love.”


Dayna (US), reading The Underground Railroad


“I love reading because it is an escape, a place to go when the world is too noisy and aggressive. I love the way books can shape emotions and make you think. I love how reading has enhanced my vocabulary and made me a better speaker. I read for the shear joy of experiencing the life (even if it’s fictional) of another person, any time, anywhere in the world! Right now I’m reading Underground Railroad [by Colson Whitehead], which I have been anticipating for months since I read Roots. I find such joy in stories of perseverance!”

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future editions of Readers of the World featuring your stories!


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