Ranking the Twilight Novels from Worst to Best

The moment Twilight fans have been waiting for has arrived! Midnight Sun is coming this summer!

The moment Twilight fans have been waiting for has arrived! Midnight Sun, Edward’s version of the first novel in the Twilight Saga, is coming this summer! August 4th to be exact.

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So, in honor of the upcoming release of this much anticipated novel, I though it would be fun to rank the first four books in the series from worst too best.



  1. New Moon

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New Moon, is the second novel in the series, and to some this is one of the best because this is when Team Jacob began. However, this isn’t the best in my opinion. As much as I love Jacob, it bothered me how there were several blank chapters that represented Bella, being heartbroken over Edward. I understand Bella was devastated because Edward left out of the blue, but did she really need to be in a heartbroken coma for months? A month is realistic but more than that is unrealistic. Edward didn’t die, he just left. Of course that’s rough for a teenager but what kind of example is that setting for teenage girls who’s boyfriends move? Then she befriended Jacob and was happy again because she had a different boy to keep her occupied and happy. Then she became reckless just to see glimpses of Edward in shadow form. Come on! I hate to say it but Bella was extremely annoying in this one. She depended on the company of boys who were in love with her to keep her happy, and she honestly used Jacob. Bella knew how Jacob felt about her, but she kept him hanging on anyway because she needed a distraction. How selfish.



2. Breaking Dawn

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Breaking Dawn, is the last novel in the series and it has some issues. One of the biggest issue is how Bella is able to become pregnant with Edward’s baby. Edward is dead, his organs don’t work, how can he produce a child with a human? It just doesn’t make sense, and to be honest, the only reason Reneesme exists is because Jacob needed someone to imprint on. Without Reneesme, Jacob would still be pining over Bella, and that couldn’t happen, because Bella is married, so why not give Bella and Edward a baby, as if being a teenage married couple wasn’t bad enough. Then Reneesme grows at rapid speed, which is also a bit odd, considering she is part human and vampires don’t age, but her existence is still questionable. This whole novel is just odd, and as much as I love Jacob he could have found someone else to imprint on, how can someone imprint on an infant? Yes, it’s happened to one of Jacob’s wolf buddies, but it’s still so unfortunate. Also, how is Charlie just okay with all of this?



3. Eclipse

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Eclipse, is the third novel in the series and this is when the vampires and werewolves come together to bring down Victoria. This is one of the best novels, because Jacob and Edward’s rivalry come to a head over Bella, which is just great to read. Their little snarky remarks are the funniest part of this novel. Also, when Bella punches Jacob and ends up breaking her wrist, HILARIOUS! However, my favorite part is when the werewolves and vampires put their differences aside to help Bella. Unfortunately, one of the worst parts was Bella begging Edward to have sex with her. Which then leads to Edward proposing to her, and then that leads to everything wrong with Breaking Dawn. Still, this novel is still one of the good ones. We also get some insight into Jasper’s and Rosalie’s lives before they were vampires. Rosalie’s story is one of the best parts of this novel because it gives insight as to why she treats Bella the way she does, and why she doesn’t necessarily like being a vampire. While Bella is begging to be a vampire so she can be with Edward forever, and Rosalie is mad because Bella has a choice and she did not.



4. Twilight

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Twilight is the first novel and the best one. This novel kicked off the series and started a phenomenon. Bella, the new girl in town, manages to win the literally cold heart of Edward, who isn’t interested in anyone in school until she comes along. Then, Bella figures out he’s a vampire, and it’s just a novel you can’t put down. Two teens trying to stay away from each other, but being pulled together anyway. Plus, human Bella is pulled into a world of vampires, and she even encounters some who want to kill her. It’s just a page turner, and very different than your average love story. Too bad it took a wrong turn in the next novel, but this one is still the best. You actually like Bella in this one, because in this one she’s just your average teenage girl who falls in love (with a vampire). Edward is the vampire that all teen girls who read this want to date. It’s such a great beginning to a series that changed the world of YA.

You can pre-order Midnight Sun here.

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