Ranking Sticky Tabs From Best to Worst

We all love sticky notes. Whether you use them as bookmarks or to select every line that made you think, you want the best, and this is how you find it.

Image via PinImg

These are amazing. I’ve never seen them anywhere, even online, and I’m obsessed. They’re so long, so they won’t fall out or get pushed around. The colors are bright, there are a lot of them, and you can still see the book’s text. I guess I need to find these! 11/10


Image via Ebay

My longtime favorites. I can get them at basically any dollar store near me, they’re fully colored, which is fun. I have some more colors of the pointed ones, but I still don’t like them as much. They can move a little bit, but that also means you can scooch them back. Good tabs. 9/10 and 7/10 respectively.


Image via AliExpress

Still good, still clean. Not as secure or comfortable, but you can see through them, and they’re vivid. My Mum used these in the 90s, so maybe it’s just nostalgia, but I think they’re essentially good. Could use more colors, or at least just purple. 8/10


Image via Paper Chase

Amazing assortment of colors. Amazing. This could also use more purple, but overall I really can’t complain. But they’re solid! You won’t be able to see any of the text behind them. Would make for for pretty notes though. 6/10


Image via Target

Again, I like the colors, but it blocks text! That said, these are perfect to write on, because you can still color code, and just put them near the relevant passage, sticking out so you can find it. Could use some secondary colors. 5/10


Image via Amazon

These seem bigger than is necessary. Like, maybe it’s a textbook or something, but if you use these they’ll unnecessarily make other tabs less visible. Not enough colors at all, they only make like six. Not useless, but disappointing.  4/10


Image via Sunnyside Gifts

Cute but useless (relatable, am I right?). In theory I like that they can be cute, but they block the page, and you have to let them stick out so far. And do they have to be on top in stead of the side? I’m out. Fun to organization ratio is off. 2/10


Image via AgirInd

These are the worst of all. They take up so much space, so so much. They cover like half a page. Want to write on them? It’s narrow as hell and you can only write one word at a time. Truly a combination of the worst aspects of all other tabs. 0/10

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