Ranking Every ‘Umbrella Academy’ Member From The Worst To The Best

In preparation for season 2, I wanted to rank all of the Hargreeves siblings/Umbrella Academy members because…fun.

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The ‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 is dropping next week!! I can’t believe it. Can you believe it?  It’s been a long time coming but in preparation for the season, I wanted to rank all of the Hargreeves siblings/Umbrella Academy members because…fun.  And seriously this is in all good fun and totally my own opinion. We may disagree about which sibling goes where but let’s respectfully disagree.


7. Luther Hargreeves AKA Number 1/ Space Boy


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As a character, Luther didn’t really do it for me but that could very well change next week when I binge the whole show for a couple of hours straight, but as it stands right now, he’s one of the weaker characters.

I completely get his dedication to fulfilling his role as Number 1 and the team leader. But once his siblings left, he stayed behind and couldn’t let go of the past. He didn’t see through the BS Reginald Hargreeves taught him.

Did I feel bad that he had to get the body of an ape? Anyone. Did I feel horrible that he was sent to the moon for nothing? Absolutely! His downward spiral was fun to see as it showed him getting loose for the first time but other than that, he’s sort of meh.



And if he had just listened to his siblings to let Vanya out of the chamber that gave her literal childhood trauma they would have stopped the apocalypse all together. Just saying.


6. Diego Hargreeves AKA Number 2/ The Kraken


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Diego was another okay-for-me character. His rivalry with Luther was tired and childish so hopefully they’ll grown out of it this season.  It was a good way to establish them being at odds and how they are the two sides of the same coin with his doing vigilante work as a way to hold onto the past. And how they used to fight crime and do what mattered.

What I really liked about Diego were his relationships with Detective Patch and Grace. Patch was a detective that Diego had a past relationship with and who he would bump heads with when he would sneak on her crime scenes. They had broken up before we meet them in the show, but through interactions you could tell that they cared for each other deeply. But alas, Patch was killed by Cha-Cha for getting in their way.

Grace was the siblings’ robot mother/ caretaker that was built by Reginald. In a flashback we see that Diego had a lisp and Grace helped him sound out his words in a rather sweet moment. And I cried like a baby when he had to shut her down. That was the only mom they knew, she was Diego’s mom. And then they lost her again when Vanya demolished the Academy.



He really can’t catch a break can he?


5. Allison Hargreeves AKA Number 3/ The Rumor


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The only reason why Allison is so low on the list is because I feel like we only got a tiny taste of Allison Hargreeves. Sure we know that she has a daughter, an ex-husband, and an acting career. She also has a maybe-sorta-not-okay-but-still-kinda-shippable relationship with Luther? I’m not going to go into that but I need more from Allison.

We have to learn more about the dark side to her power, when she used to use it to get whatever she wanted; stopping criminals, acting jobs, getting her daughter to go to sleep(yikes). So for those reasons she doesn’t use her power in the season at all besides in flashbacks and trying to use it on Vanya.

I felt that the writers underutilized Allison and besides her family drama, kicking some Mary J. Blige butt and stopping Vanya, she doesn’t really do a lot. And since there are so many characters to focus on it was if she was they let Allison fend for herself. Justice for Allison!



She’s not a bad character by any means, I just want more.



4. Five Hargreeves AKA Number 5/The Boy


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The youngest yet oldest Hargreeves sibling, Number Five snatches the fourth spot on the list. Five is complicated as complicated gets. He accidentally time travels one day and gets stuck in the aftermath of the apocalypse. For years he travels with Dolores, a department store mannequin, trying to get back home. The Handler from The Commission finds him to give him a job and he becomes a literal killing machine.

When he comes back he reverts to his thirteen year-old body and tries to get his siblings together to save the world. Five has so much darkness in him with the brain and the memories of a fifty-something assassin who got there simply by being too arrogant.

One of Five’s best sequences (a close second is the fight in donut shop) is when we see how he ended up in the future. He is an over confident kid who disregards his father’s wishes by time traveling in the first place. But once he gets to the future and sees the destruction, his face falls. After attempt after attempt of trying to use his powers to get home, he realizes that he can’t. And this is one of the only times in the show where we see him truly scared; it’s beautiful. Even though he’s hardened and mean at times, he truly cares for his family.



He’s such an enjoyable character to watch.


3. Vanya Hargreeves AKA Number 7/ The White Violin


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Some might think that Ms. Vanya needs to be lower on this list but no. She earns this spot because of the potential I know this character can reach, the importance of her character to this coming season (not saying the others aren’t important), and the hope I have for her. Vanya deserves all of the good things.

I really hope this season she is able to apologize to her siblings for destroying the world they knew. I equally hope that the Hargreaves siblings will forgive her and apologize for the role they unknowingly played in Vanya’s isolated childhood. When I say I want more sibling bonding this season, I mean it. It would be important to see pair offs between Vanya and her other siblings to see how they can interact with each other.  Especially seeing the group’s dynamic shift because Vanya is part of their hero club now and it would be great to see them try to help Vanya practice to control her powers so that they can avoid another apocalypse. Or maybe Vanya isn’t even the cause of this one and uses her power to help out.


I’m excited to see what’s next for Vanya.

2. Ben Hargreeves AKA Number 6/ The Horror


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For the second spot on the list, I had to give it to my good boy Ben! He’s is just the sweetest sibling but doesn’t really get to interact with his brothers and sisters because he’s a full on ghost. I just pray that Klaus is sober enough to conjure Ben so that they can see him after years of only looking at a statue before Luther and Diego destroyed it in a boy tussle. A quick shot in the trailer showed Ben being able to interact with the world. He opened and closed a car door, and runs into Klaus to fight playfully on the ground. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


We just need more Ben, don’t you agree?



1. Klaus Hargreeves AKA Number 4/ The Séance


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And the best Hargreeves sibling is Klaus! I mean, was there really any contest? He’s funny, gorgeous, a gay icon and has an insane amount of chaotic energy. He also has trauma like the rest of his siblings because who in this family doesn’t? But he’s also relatable.

His fear of the spirits he could see led him to alcohol and all the drugs, making himself useless to his family, to really anyone around him. He’s been afraid of what he could do largely because ghosts are mad scary but also thanks to dear Papa locking him in a crypt for hours when he was younger.

Again, I see major potential with Klaus. At the end of the the first season, he was sober enough to conjure Ben, so that Ben could use his own powers to help defeat The Commission.  He is one of the most powerful of his siblings and I hope he has the chance to show that. But with dancing and Klaus shenanigans of course.


And he’s also running a cult now? What’s that about?

Who are your favs?

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