Perfectly Matched Wines and Book Genres

Treat yourself on National Wine Day by pairing your favorite wine with a fascinating read!

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Today, May 25th, is National Wine Day. Common ways to celebrate this holiday include drinking your favorites wines with family and friends, treating yourself by purchasing an expensive bottle of wine, or attending wine-tasting events.

Or, you can also observe National Wine Day by pouring yourself a glass and picking up a book! Similar to how certain wines and certain foods are paired together, different types of literary genres also pair ideally with different types of wine.



Listed below are five common types of wine with their literary genre counterparts, perfect for National Wine Day, or any time you need to relax with a captivating story and a delicious drink.



Many romance novels are filled with passion, lust, anger, and desire. Cabernet Sauvignon wines are usually rich, robust, and full. They contain deeper and dark fruit flavors, often with hints of spiciness and earthly scents. Whether you prefer slow-burning, steamy romances or fast-paced, fluffy love stories, a Cabernet Sauvignon will keep you satisfied as you read about any romantic relationship.



Similar to how contemporary novels contain various genre subcategories, the grapes used for making chardonnay wines are very neutral and thus allow the wine to take on a variety of flavors or characteristics. These wines often contain flavors like apple and pear, with aromas of vanilla, spices, and citrus. Many contemporary novels are fast-paced, easy-to-read, funny, and light-hearted. Chardonnays are the ideal wine to sip on while reading a simple and enjoyable novel as you unwind and relax at the end of the day.



Pinot Noir wines are smooth, fruity, and just contain a little bit of spiciness and “earthiness.” A great mystery story will stay with you long after you solve the case, just like how Pinot Noir wines usually will leave a “long, lingering finish” after you drink them. A tall glass of Pinot Noir is perfect for a rainy or cold night where you can lose yourself in a complex, enthralling mystery novel.





One of the greatest perks of reading fantasy stories is being introduced to the types of food and drink the characters consume. Often, the cuisine of these fantastical worlds is described in great detail, and is usually presented as being very flavorful and succulent. Zinfandel wines are known for their versatility and higher alcohol content. Hints of spiciness underlie the wine’s strong fruit flavors. Drink some Zinfandel, and imagine yourself at a grand feast with your favorite characters from your favorite fantasy world.



When I think of classics, I not only picture timeless novels and authors, but also iconic poets and dramatists. Regardless of whether you read novels, plays, or poetry in the “classics” genre, you’ll often find many of those works contain themes of nature or the beauty of the natural world. Sauvignon Blanc wines are noted for their unique citrusy and fruity aromas and their grassy, acidic taste. Likewise, classics are often filled with multiple themes, complex characters, and impactful messages. Sauvignon Blanc wines can also be more subtle and tamer, depending on where the wine is produced. No matter what type of classics story or format you prefer, a Sauvignon Blanc will work perfectly with whichever work you choose.