People Reveal Their Quirky Reading Habits

Earlier this week, the Washington Post  published an article that every book lover can relate to: a list of every just-so quirk you could think of, drawn from an audience of real local readers. I couldn’t help but smile reading it, thinking of all my own odd habits.

I find reading both a leisure and a boundless source of creative fodder. I jot down snips from books on my phone resulting in an ever-growing list of words, phrases or entire paragraphs. Yet I never remember to include the author, title or page number, making the quotes all the more difficult to trace. The most recent entry I have is “we are only lightly covered with buttoned cloth; and beneath these pavements are shells, bones, and silence,” I haven’t the faintest idea where it came from but my hunch says it’s from a Don DeLillo short story…

The article touches on a number of odd habits – some like my own – and  all equally endearing and incentive enough to pick up a book and get your quirk on. We’ve included some of the best below, and just for a fun a few quirks from the devoted readers at The Reading Room.

What’s your quirky archetype?


The Restless Speed Demon

“Every fifty pages or so I have to shift my position… I toss and turn a lot” – Epiphany, New York


The Spoiler

“Contrary to popular belief, it in no way ruins the story for me; if anything, I enjoy the journey through the book more as I meander through the characters and events, learning along the way how they’ll contribute to that final scene.” – Melanie, Maryland


The Slow-Mo

“As I approach about the three-quarter point of a really good book, I subconsciously start slowing my reading because I don’t want it to be over…The better the book and the closer to the end, the slower I get until sometimes I have to leave it set for days before I finish!” – Bob Wilson, Virginia


The Mobile Reader

“I like to read on the toilet… I also make faces according to what’s happening in the book” – Gaby, New York


The Counter

“When I look at #38 — The Parthian — that was what I was reading when I first dated my wife to be, Jan. 19, 1963 … So my treasured book collection is also a series of snapshots of my life.” – Richard, Virginia (who at 71, has read 3, 242 books)


The Snippet Slicer

“I jot down an entry of a paragraph or so… I have never counted the number of books in my journals, and probably never will, but I do often go back through the journals when I am looking for a title to recommend to a friend or family member.”- Judith, Maryland


The Sneaky Reader

“I like to read in the dark – with a flashlight” – Sergey, New York


The Energy Enthusiast

“When I finish a book, I like to throw it across the room…Hardcover books get treated more gently than paperbacks — paperbacks are usually more tolerant of rough treatment. How much I enjoyed the book, as well as people and objects in the room at the time, help determine how vigorous the throw, but I couldn’t tell you what the exact correlation is with my enjoyment level.”  – Steven, Maryland


The Lovelorn Reader

“Every time I finished a book, I’d kiss the front cover!” – Hilary, Virginia


Featured image courtesy of Imgur.