Our Favorite Re-Designed Harry Potter Covers

We live in an age driven by aesthetics; there’s no doubt about it. The pursuit to innovate, recreate, and in the case of book covers, redesign, is constant. A book cover, often taken for granted, no thanks in part to the ageless axiom, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, is beyond essential to the book itself. Sure, there’s the obvious mechanical component, a cover and spine holds a text together (and arguably creates the form) but it also serves as a representation of the story. Cover illustrations guide us to the interior of the book.

Often in today’s milieu of minimalist obsessed covers, they direct us towards one particular salient theme or idea of the book: the simple face of a clock for A Clockwork Orange, a cockroach for Kafka’s Metamorphosis, etc. There’s a whole philosophical underbelly, here. But also – plain and simple – they’re just beautiful to look at and it’s fun creep inside an artist’s personal rendition of a book. In the case of Harry Potter, there are a million and one redesigns. Philosophize and judge as you may, here’s a few of our favorites from some exquisite artists. 


Loni Thompson

Image courtesy of Loni Thonmpson


Michela Monterosso

Image courtesy of The Grid


Britt Elam

Image courtesy of Behance


Mary GrandPre (Dutch translation) 

Image courtesy of Mary GrandPre


Kathie Bayne

Image courtesy of Kathie Bayne


M.S. Corley

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed


Kincso Nagy (p.s. they glow in the dark and feature pop-out illustrations!)

Images courtesy of Flavorwire


What’s your favorite? Share it with us in the comments!